Co-ordinates Craze

I bet you have been seeing a lot of co-ordinates, or co-ords, lately but you just did not know the name. Co-ordinates are basically matching sets- a top and a bottom. This can come in the form of a skirt and shirt pair or a pant and shirt pair. Just as long as it is a matching pair it is a co-ordinate.

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect co-ordinates set. I saw this really cute Kim K inspired co-ordinate at Foreign Exchange a few months ago but I did not jump on it and now I can’t find it. So I have been scouring the internet in search of something similar.


I really love this outfit, I just have not come across anything similar since seeing the look-a-like at Foreign Exchange.

Right now I am looking at ASOS Marketplace and I found this little number, which is slightly different.


It comes from One Nation Clothing. I like that this option is not as tight fitting. It is still a little form fitting but it wouldn’t make me feel like a stuffed sausage. I just worry that my top half is a little too big for that boxy, cru-neck shirt. I would definitely want to try it on in person as opposed to leaving it to chance with the internet. So I will continue my search.

Even though this outfit is not lace it is still a form fitting, white pencil skirt with a crop top combo which is more so what I am looking for.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.06.17 AM


I found this number at Missguided the only sucky thing is the top and the bottom are sold separately and they are both like $50.00 i and while it is really cute and probably my favorite one I have found so far, it is just not in the budget.

I guess I will have to keep looking!

Mascara VS Mascara

I am definitely a mascara junkie. I am always convinced there is a better one out there than the one I am using. I will dry drug store mascara, I will try department store mascara and anything else in between. In fact I am surprised I haven’t come across a homemade mascara because I would probably try that too.

I am easily unimpressed when it comes to mascara so when I find one I like I stick to it for a long, long time. Right now I am debating between two mascaras: BareMinerals Lash Domination and Lancôme Grandiôse.

The BareMinerals Lash Domination mascara is probably the best volumizing mascara I have ever tried. It is good for layering when you are first putting it on. It does not flake and it makes my lashes look really thick. It does give some length but the length this Lash Domination mascara gives is nothing compared to the length that the Lancôme Grandiôse mascara.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 10.35.52 AM



The Lancôme Grandiôse mascara literally makes my lashes look like they are fake, in a good way. The length literally reaches to my eyebrows. Of course I do use it with the Lancôme Cils Booster XL to give my lashes some added length, but Grandiôse does specialize in length, lift and volume.


I, however, am not super impressed with the volume aspect of this mascara. It can get clumpy so you have to really watch how much you put on. Some days I really love this mascara and others I am not sure. It depends on how much product is on the brush (less is more) and how delicate I am when putting it on.

The advantage that this mascara does have is its bent neck, or swan neck as they say. This helps you get into those annoying crevices and basically helps you not get mascara on your nose!

If only I could combine both of these formulas!

Why Are Serums So Popular?

Serums seem to be the latest craze in the skincare world, but what is a serum and why is it so cool? Serums are different than moisturizers. A moisturizer will just sit on top of the skin. Basically the molecules that make up the moisturizers are too big to actually penetrate the skin. This doesn’t mean moisturizers don’t work. They definitely do, but serums have the advantage of actually penetrating your skin and going deeper. Moisturizers are a temporary fix while serums can actually have long-term effects. This is because the molecules that make up the serums are smaller and serums are composed of oils.

Now that we know serums aren’t B.S. we can talk about the different kinds of serums. There are a lot of them. Some help with sun spots, some help with aging, some brighten the skin and others help with acne. Picking the right serum depends on knowing what your skin concerns are! figure out what bothers you about your skin and go from there.


The latest serum that I am obsessed with is the Visionnaire serum from Lancôme. It’s a skin corrector. It is going to help with the texture of your skin. If wrinkles, pores, and scaring from acne are your concern than this is the serum for you. Because it is a serum, you will see results instantly. On top of seeing improvements right away it will also help repair those wrinkles, pores, and texture problems over time.

With one application skin will feel soft and smooth, after three days your pores will be less visible and after 4 weeks you will see some major improvements.

There are three size options: 1.0 oz ($79.00), 1.7 oz ($115.00), and a 2.5 oz ($145.00). It is expensive when you look at the price but a little application goes a long way. Serums are spreadable so it will last!

My Latest Obsession

I love free samples, I mean who doesn’t? It is a great way to try products you have heard about without having to spend the money. There is nothing worse than psyching yourself up for a new product, shelling out some cash, and then being disappointed in it. Free samples get rid of this process.

On top of loving free samples I’ve also been loving Lancôme products lately. The thing is Lancôme is super expensive so getting free samples of Lancôme is a double whammy! I recently got a free sample of the Absolue Precious Oils. The Absolue collection is the most expensive collection, just FYI, and Absolue Precious Oils is a whopping $185.00. That’s like half my paycheck D:


So this sample is really small BUT the great thing about Absolue Precious Oils is very spreadable so this sample actually lasts a few weeks. You only need 2-3 drops anyway! I just put this stuff on and my skin is already super soft. So, what does it do?

Well, according to the site “Absolue Precious Oil reinforces the skin’s barrier function, helping to maintain moisture. Radiant skin is unveiled, softer and suppler.” After my first application I can guarantee this is true. This product is for people who have damaged or dull skin. It promotes radiance and nutrition. The Absolue Collection is all about moisture. It is probably the most luxurious of this already luxurious brand. I’d say Lancôme as a whole is Beyoncé, but the Absolue Collection is Beyoncé on her privet jet flying to her private island with Blu Ivy and Jay Z. Yeah, its that good.

Don’t think that this product is just for older women. I always say it is never too early to start protecting your skin. Wear the Absolue Precious Oils at night to repair your skin!

GHD: A New Kind of Drug

No not really “drugs” but these GHD flat irons are addicting. I was at the hair salon the other day getting my hair cut and styled and my stylist used a GHD flat iron and it really did make a difference. She even curled my hair with this flat iron giving me beachy waves.

So why are these GHD flat irons so amazing? First of all they are ceramic. Always straighten your hair with a ceramic flat iron because ceramic plates straighten hair evenly and fast from the inside out but flat irons that are not ceramic heat the hair slowly and from the outside in causing moisture to penetrate your strands and cause damage.

So now that we know these GHD flat irons are ceramic, and we want ceramic, what else makes them so great?



Marie Claire named GHD flat irons as “stand-out brand when it comes to transforming waves and curls into poker-straight strands.” The GHD Eclipse Flat Iron is “the only hair straightener on the market to use tri-zone technology – six sensors in the iron plates that ensure a constant heat is maintained – to tackle any hair type quickly and easily.”

These flat irons are a HOT (lol) commodity right now and everyone is using them. The only down side is that they cost A LOT of money. The cheapest one I found was about $135.00 and they went up to about $250.00 That sure is a pretty penny. But, you get what you pay for!

However, I will share a secret with you that my stylist told me. Do you have a Marshall’s in your town or close by? Well they tend to get their hands on these flat irons from time to time and sell them at a discounted price! Every Marshall’s is different and gets different products for discount so check out every Marshall’s you can until you find a GHD flat iron!