Articles for January 2013

A Countertop Laundry Pod

I LOVE finding great products that are useful. This one is so good I can’t resist sharing it. This is a countertop laundry pod saves time, money, AND several of my delicates that would’ve been ruined in a regular washing machine. I used to have to hand wash my delicates in a sink, but that was a pain in the neck. With this countertop laundry pod, I can hand-spin my delicates, not have my hands in hot or cold water, and avoid ruining them in the washing machine!

This is also a great product to bring on a camping trip, as it uses NO electricity! I love this and I’m so glad I came across it!

A Fantastic Pet Dish!

I love my pets. We have two dogs and a cat and they get treated like royalty in our house! They are spoiled and we consider them members of our family. I found this amazing hanging pet dish online while looking around on Pinterest today.

I love this dish because you can hang in on the wall, and you can adjust where you hang it based on the size of your pet! This will also make it super easy to sweep and clean the floor–no more picking up and moving pet dishes around! I can’t wait to order it and I hope our pets love their new dishes!


Adorable Dog Coats!

I’m not a huge fan of freezing cold whether. My dogs are REALLY not fans of the freezing cold..even more than me! I can’t believe it. They are covered in fur and I’m not!

Amazon has some great dog coats. They have a way bigger selection than the retail stores around town. Since I can’t exactly bring my dogs inside to try on coats and sweaters, it’s just as easy to order things online. I love to see things from all different places on the internet in one place with Amazon.

I love this dog coat and am ordering it today. Hopefully it ships to my house before this cold snap leaves! My dogs are going to be so grateful. :)

The Place to Go for Wedding Rings in Orange County

Does wedding planning have you stressed out? I admit, it can be very overwhelming to pick out all the things that you want at your wedding. It involves A LOT of choices. You have to choose the venue, the bridal party, apparel, music, jewelry, color scheme, and more!

The most important of these decisions is picking out the perfect wedding ring. This is something that will be worn forever! It is a symbol of your love, commitment and promise to one another. To make my life SO much easier, I went to my favorite place for jewelry: Simone and Son. They have the best selection of wedding rings in Orange County. They are more than willing to help you in picking out the perfect ring. If you can’t find the ring that is what you’re looking for, don’t worry! Simone and Son also specializes in the custom creation of rings.

SHOE much love.

I have a shoe problem. I, however, like to call it a “hobby”. I hate to spend hours in the shoe store trying on shoe after shoe. It’s always such a mess trying to search for my size, and it’s super annoying to have the salespeople breathing down my neck the whole time. I’m the type of person that likes to have my space and take my time when it comes to shopping. Being a mother of two, I try to avoid taking the little ones shopping. It’s such a hassle sometimes!

I’m SO glad I found ShoeDazzle. I can shop for the latest and greatest shoes right from my own home. I know my size, so it’s super easy to so a site search for anything that’s available. The prices are very reasonable and the shipping is fast and easy. Check out ShoeDazzle! The sign up is free.