Articles for March 2013

Great Deals on Coach SOHO Handbags



I really like designer clothes and accessories, not just for the “name” of it, like some people think, but for the quality of it. Have you ever had a designer handbag? It’s made out of beautiful material, and opening or closing the zipper feels like silk it’s so smooth. I’ve never had a designer handbag “break” as I have had happen with other handbags. It’s worth the money to get something that is quality that will last.

When I can find a deal on designer handbags, I feel like I hit the jackpot! I am always searching online (they often have way better deals than you can find in stores) for the next big sale. Travel Luggage Plus is a site I regularly visit and they have excellant deals on designer handbags. I found several Coach SOHO Handbags that I’d love to add to my purse collection!

The Miracle Cloth is Fantastic for Cleaning


Lately, I’ve been becoming more and more concerned about the harsh chemicals that I use to clean my house. They really aren’t healthy to be breathing in, and using on surfaces that are used for food preparation, or that come into contact with our skin either directly (on the bathtub) or indirectly (on the counter where we sometimes set our toothbrushes). I’ve replaced a lot of the more harsh cleaners with natural, earth-friendly cleaners. 

I was super excited to find the Miracle Cloth. I’m so glad I came across this! A friend of mine uses these in her house, so I decided to try it out for myself. These clothes are fantastic! They clean without the use of ANY chemical cleaners–all you need is water. It’s covered in superfine fibers and can be used on anything from glass to dirty pets.



Check Out These Lingerie Shower Invitations



Have you ever been to a Lingerie Shower? I have been to several now. They are so much fun! Lingerie showers are really becoming popular and you will see why once you’ve been to one or had one yourself.

I had one a couple of months ago and it was a blast. It’s a great way for the bride to get some sexy lingerie to transition into her married life (and provides some things to pack on the honeymoon!) The bride that had the lingerie shower decided to have her shower during the day and the Bachelorette party at night. This was a super fun girl’s day and was a great opportunity for us to all get together.

I found this lingerie shower invitations and love them. They’re super cute. This is definitely something to check out if you’re interested in having a party or if you know somebody that would enjoy this. A helpful tip: send your measurements with the invite. This prevents unnecessary guessing.


Hookeychain Magnets are Great



I am so notorious for always losing my keys and my phone. I really don’t know how this happens, because I am SO organized with just about every aspect of my life…except for those darn keys and that disappearing phone. I have a planner that just about everything gets written down in, a house with just about every organizational idea I could find on Pinterest, and a schedule and budget for just about everything.

I found this Hookeychain Magnets on Yanko Design (because I LOVE their innovative and unique products). I instantly knew these would fit great on my refrigerator and be a place in which I can keep my keys and hang up notes for the day as reminders for events and whatnot.

I Love Huntington Beach Facials



Skincare is so important to me. I have learned over the years just how important it is to take good care of my skin. When I’m older, I want skin that’s beautiful and YOUNG, not wrinkly and “leather-y.” There are a couple of things that I do to ensure that my skin stays as healthy as possible.

1. I wear SPF every day, even when it’s cloudy or rainy. I order Aveeno online, and it ships right to my house!

2. I avoid too much sun exposure by avoiding direct sunlight, and making sure to keep my sunglasses on.

3. I get facials regularly. Huntington Beach facials are like no other! My favorite facial includes a double cleanser, exfoliation, extraction, custom mask, tone, hydration, and SPF treatment.

4. I try to eat right (think low-fat foods, fish, healthy oils, whole-wheat foods, and foods high in antioxidants: blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, and plums).

What are you favorite skin care tips?