Articles for April 2013

I Love Being Able to Shop Online for Parts: Rotors, Moving Coil Motors, Stators and More


I feel like as a woman, I get treated differently when I go into a parts store and look to buy different items. I actually feel like that for a lot of things, such as when I go into a hunting/fishing store or a car dealership as well. I understand, but I don’t always like being treated like I don’t know what the heck I’m talking about. I feel like I am well-educated about the things that I have and the hobbies that I enjoy, so it’s not always fun to be treated otherwise.

For this reason, I have turned to a lot of online shopping when I’m getting parts, gear, and more. I also love the convenience from shopping right from my own house and the fact that I am able to get shipping right to my front door. I have found a ton of great finds online this way such as moving coil motors, rotors, stators and more!

When Planning Your Wedding, Don’t Forget the Rehearsal Dinner Invitations!

Creations by Leslie--Rehearsal Dinner


There are so many things to think about when planning a wedding. The dresses, tuxedos, attendants, flowers, dinner menu, drink menu, decor, music, wedding jewelry, invitations, guest list, and cake must all be chosen. It can be very overwhelming and it’s often easy to forget things.

One thing that sometimes slips through the cracks is the rehearsal dinner. This is because it is the night BEFORE the wedding and there is always so much focus on the actual wedding day. So just a reminder: don’t forget about the rehearsal dinner! It’s very important. We sent out our rehearsal dinner invitations about a month before the wedding. This way, people can plan to book the hotel room for an extra night if they are coming earlier for the big event!

…Because NOBODY likes cold coffee

I guess I should say “…because nobody likes cold coffee unless it it intentionally iced coffee, in which case then iced coffee is okay”. But that was just TOO long for a title of a blog post. Anyway, I have a serious problem and every morning I have to get a cup of hot coffee. This is a routine and I very rarely start my morning out without this. However, once I start working on things in my office my coffee usually ends up being luke warm by the time I get to it. Luke warm coffee is GROSS!

I found this amazing product on Brookstone and it’s a mug warmer. This would be perfect and solve my coffee problems. I can’t wait to get this ordered and set it up on my desk!


Engagement Rings in Orange County are Extra Lovely

I love to daydream about my future and peruse ideas on the internet. When I get busy online looking at engagement rings orange county seems to be a theme in the ones I like the best. It must be the beautiful climate that draws me in. The romantic pictures of happy smiling couples surrounded by sunshine and beaches makes anyone’s eyes want to linger a bit longer. California is a place where dreams come true and there is plenty of happiness. Being from the Midwest I really appreciate the sunshine and warm temperatures because they can be hard to come by in certain times of the year.


A gorgeous engagement ring can really capture the sunshine and bring a bit of sparkle to anyone’s day so I spend time every once in awhile browsing new designs because you never know. There are lots of neat things to shop online for besides engagement rings, I also day dream about houses, boats, cars, and furniture. There will be a day when all this surfing will payoff, I will have an idea of the items I like and where to get them when I need them so it isn’t all for not.


I Don’t Take a Road Trip Without This Cup Holder Adapter

Blog-Cup Holder Adapter


There are so many things that I have in my life right now as far as technology goes that I really don’t know how I managed without before. Obviously there are a lot of things that are over the top and some is unnecessary. I also don’t feel that people should get so involved into their technology that they forget about the real world. HOWEVER…I do love the amazing things that my iPhone, tablet, and eReader can do.

This Wagon Tech Twin USB/DC cup holder adapter is perfect to bring in the car. With this, I can have my GPS, laptop, tablet, and iPhone all plugged in at once. This helps me keep on track for work (and my personal life…let’s face it, I don’t want to miss any Twitter updates!). Of course, NOT while driving though please!