Articles for May 2013

Industrial Exhibits Take Marketing to a Whole New Level

Expo-3 Trade Show Exhibit


How does advertising most effectively get delivered to you? Is it watching a commercial, seeing an ad while flipping through your favorite magazine, hearing a radio ad, seeing a billboard, learning from a product demonstration, or checking out an exhibit? It’s important to ask yourself and others what works best for them. Personally, I am more likely to be interested in something if I see it up close and live. This means that for me, I am more interested in a product or company if I see a demonstration or check out an exhibit.

Expo-3 understands that some people are just like me when it comes to marketing. They specialize in the custom design and creation of industrial exhibits. Check out their site and see what they can do for you and your company! Are you ready to take business to the next level?

A Pool Bar for Summer


Summer is almost here! Now if it would just stop raining, it would maybe start to actually feel like it. This is my FAVORITE season of the year because I get to do all of my favorite things: walks with the dogs, pool time with friends and family, boating, grilling, camping, bon fires, lawn games, and more.

Since I’ve been anxiously awaiting Summer, I’ve been on a serious search for all things Summer! This is a four-seater pool bar that would be perfect for a Saturday of pool socializing with friends. There is room in the middle for ice and drinks as well as cupholders between all of the seats. This is so fun! I can’t wait to try it out. :)

Can’t Stop Shopping for WoodWick Candles

I don’t know if its this rainy day or the smell of woods and campfires that has been inspiring me to purchase so many WoodWick Candles, but I have been. It’s been raining where I’m at for the past week and the gloomy weather is calling for lots of online shopping, cooking and baking. I feel like a Real Housewife of Minnesota (that’s where I’m located if you didn’t know already). Do you ever have those days where you want to lay around in your pjs and curl into a ball while stuffing your face with Dove chocolate and shopping online? Oh wait maybe that’s just me …

My latest purchases …

These four WoodWick Candles have been burning for hours on end this week, and I only got them on Monday!

An Instagram Camera is Coming Soon!

blog-Instagram Cam

How many of you are on Instagram? This is one of my favorite social media sites and is definitely an app that gets visited a lot of my iPhone. It’s so much fun to take pictures with the regular camera on my phone and have the ability to edit them and share them with friends. This app can make a very dull, boring picture look instantly like it was taken by a professional photographer.  When I heard this next piece of news, I almost dropped to the floor.

ADR Studio has launched a SocialMatic Camera Project. They are making it so that there is a REAL Instagram camera, where you can take photos, edit them, and print them right from the device. This is great news for Instagram lovers everywhere!


A Shopping Spree: Heels, a Hat for Summer, and Black Handbags Online

I’ve been on a TAD shopping spree lately… all from the comfort of my own home, on my own COUCH even! I picked up so many hours at work lately and since I paid off one of my smaller loans, I decided to reward myself and get some fresh summer pieces! Celebrating financial freedom by shopping? A little pathetic, yes.

Here’s some of my great finds! They should be arriving at my front door in different shipments any day now.

  • Pink Peep Toes: I instantly fell in love with these pink peep-toe pumps. They are perfect for summer!
  • Floppy Hat: This floppy hat was something I’ve been looking for forever! I like this grey color because all of the other ones that I’ve seen are brown or tan. This is unique!
  • Coach Handbag: My last purchase was this adorable Coach bag. It was on sale, so I just HAD to get it. I’ve gotten a couple of other black handbags online, but this one is by FAR my favorite.






travel luggage plus-coach handbag