Articles for June 2013

Online Shopping Spree: A New Purse, Mariana Jewelry, and Cheap Flip Flops!

The Lamp Stand--Mariana Braceletblog-coach crossbodyblog-onflip2


I went on a bit of an online “shopping spree” this past weekend. I recently got a bit of a raise at work and instead of being smart and saving it, I decided to use my first “bigger” paycheck to treat myself!

My first stop was on the Coach website. I picked out an adorable cross body bag there for summer. Don’t you love this fun color?  It’s perfect for the season.

Next stop was to The Lamp Stand too add to my collection of Mariana Jewelry. I can’t get enough of this collection. It’s unique and I haven’t been able to get it in stores.

I also decided to order about 10 pairs of flip flops from Old Navy. By shopping online, I avoid the always-hectic store. I wanted to stock up on these for summer!

I Love Shopping Online at



I love being able to find electronics and devices online. It’s so much easier to see all of the options available online without having to browse through a crowded, busy store. It’s also nice to be able to see all of the reviews that people write. When I buy things online, I also tend to get better deals.

Best Buy is my go-to place for electronics and devices. Their website is very easy to navigate around and they also offer free shipping on a lot of their items. You can also easily sign up for tech-support. I’ve been thinking about getting an iPad and I really like this one! They’re offering free shipping on them right now, so it’ll get sent to my front door! I can’t wait.

The Moment You Were Born Frame

blog-time you were born


If you have a child, you know that your family forever changed when he or she was born. What an amazing moment to remember! I recall looking in my daughters sweet blue eyes and knowing from that moment on that nobody would love her like I would.

I often think about the day she was born and smile. What a blessing! I found this frames from the Lakeside Collection called “The Moment You Were Born”. They can be customized to display on the clock the minute your child was born. This is something great to remember and there is room for a picture of your little one.

This is a great gift for yourself to hang on the wall and would also make a fantastic gift for somebody else.

Kangaroo “Skin to Skin” Tank

They say that skin to skin contact is so beneficial for moms and babies, both. This helps to strengthen the bond between mom and baby. It also helps baby’s development with the touching and feeling that is involved with this close hold. When baby is held this close to mom, this can help calm and relax baby. Immediately after birth, skin-to-skin contact helps to regulate the newborn’s temperature and assists in the initiation of breastfeeding.




This is a kangaroo tank top helps for skin to skin contact. This tank has inside, stretchy support for baby to fit. It also is snug at the hips to keep baby propped up.

This would make a great gift for for a mom-to-be! She and baby will benefit from it greatly.

This Site Has It All for Parts: Stators, Rotors, Coil Windings, and More

Windings--Moving Coil Motors


I love finding websites that have it all. There’s plenty of sites that carry parts, but few that have what Windings does. This is a go-to site for everything you need for your upcoming project including stators, rotors, coil windings, generators and so much more.

Besides having high quality products at competitive, low prices, they also have employees that care about their products and their customers. They are always willing to lend some advice or answer questions. I feel like they’ve seen it all when it comes to the stuff that they sale and the many options with these fantastic products.

Instead of doing a simple internet search to find a site with parts, take advice from this review I’m writing. I love how things get taken care of with Windings and I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.