Articles for August 2013

Tons of Dog Halloween Costumes at Oriental Trading

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Halloween is one of my favorite things during the year (besides Christmas of course). I look forward to Halloween every year and start to think about it almost right away after Christmas. I think one of the reasons why I like it so much is because it’s during my favorite season: fall. It’s the best when the weather starts to cool down a bit and the leaves start to change.

This year, I’m going to dress up my dogs for when kids come to the door to Trick or Treat. I think the kids will get a kick out of seeing dogs all dressed up and I know that my dogs won’t mind…they are pretty easy-going! I found some super cute dog Halloween costumes on the Oriental Trading website and will be placing my order soon. What costumes are your favorite?

What Are Stators?



What are stators, exactly? I follow the company Windings on Facebook and have seen a lot of posts recently about stators. I HAD to see what this was all about because I’ve seen and heard about stators elsewhere, too.

A stator is the stationary part of a rotary system. You can find stators inside motors and generators, so they are definitely an important part of these machines! A stator and a rotor work together to make a motor. In case you were wondering what a rotor is, it is the part of the motor that moves!

Does that makes sense you do? It sure does to me now that I took the time to figure it all out.

Stators can do tons of things and are part of many different areas of work and study such as lamination bonding and welding, insulating powder coating of stacks, coil winding, soldering, joining and brazing, trickle and vacuum varnishing, electrical testing and SO much more!


Weather Covers For The Upcoming Fall Season

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I can already feel that a change of season is coming soon. Fall is my favorite season of the year and I am more than ready to say goodbye to summer. As much as I love the sunny days of this season, I am excited to bring out my leggings, sweaters, boots and fall candles. :)

We like to keep our summer stuff out on the patio because it can still get warm during the day in the fall. Since the weather in the fall can get windy and chilly sometimes, I thought I would look for some furniture and grill covers. That way, we can keep our stuff covered when we’re not using it. Right now, Brookstone is offering 30% off if you order three  Weather Wrap Furniture Covers. That’s a great deal!


Solutions for Organization

Spring Cleaning is probably the most popular kind of cleaning and I have to admit I am definitely a participant. I always like to think that I keep my house pretty clean but I REALLY deep clean in the spring. A less popular kind of cleaning is “Fall Cleaning” and I consider it just as important. I try to do this right before school starts for the year so make it feel like a fresh start. It’s the same thing as “Spring Cleaning”, but just at a different time of year!

When I’m going to do some deep cleaning, I like to stock up on organizational things to help organize any chaos that I have going on. I feel like everything has a place and it’s nice to keep things of any kind in some sort of order.



Solutions has a ton of great organizing products and is definitely worth it to check out what they have. I love this bathroom organizer!

I Love Shopping Online for Spartina Handbags

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As you all know, I love shopping online. It’s WAY easier than trying to dig through racks of things in the store, dealing with lines and annoyed, overworked cashiers, and worst of all trying to compare pricing between different stores. I can compare prices, items, and colors of products with just a couple clicks of a button when shopping online and hardly ever shop in a store unless I have to.

I’ve been trying to freshen up my closet for fall and I’m super excited about my most recent handbag purchase. It was super hard to decide between all of the adorable Spartina handbags, but I finally chose. They have an adorable line and my favorite part about shopping for accessories online is that you don’t have to try and size them! Handbags are totally a “one size fits all” thing and I love that!