Articles for September 2013

Discounted Coach Bags, Heels and Jewelry…Oh My!




There are three staples to every closet and jewelry box that are a must on a date night out. These three things are heels, a cute bracelet, and a coordinating handbag! I like to save money when I can, so I’m sharing these three finds that I came across while looking for a couple of events that I have coming up.

blog-nine west nude heels

Nude heels are still super popular and a must with any wardrobe. They match perfectly with brown outfits, black outfits and everything in between. These Nine West nude heels are just $58.99 down from $79.00 on Zappos. They also ship for free!

blog-silver bracelet

I found this bracelet on Did you know they carried jewelry? MSRP on this beautiful bracelet is a whopping $561 and is down to just $259.99. How great is that!


Travel Luggage Plus--Coach Signature Bag


Last but not least is this cute handbag I found on the site I go buy discounted Coach handbags from. I love this bag because it’s simple and classy. What do you think?

I Like This Soap Dispenser That Turns Liquid Soap to Foam Soap!

With cold and flu season coming up so quickly, it’s important to take the proper precautions to prevent yourself from getting sick. You can do many things to prevent this from happening including washing your hands, keeping the common surfaces in your home sanitized, and avoiding sharing utensils, straws, etc.

blog-foam soap maker

blog-foam soapI like foam soap a lot better than liquid soap. I know that this is a weird preference to have, but it’s true! This foam soap pump turns liquid soap into foam soap. It reduces the use of soap by up to 70% because it uses a lot less per pump while still delivering plenty of bacterial protection against illness and germs.

Stay safe against illness and germs this fall and winter by loading up now on soaps, sanitizers and cleaners. Your immune system will thank you for the support!

The Place to Go Online for Stators, Rotors, Motors and More!



If you’re working on yet another project and you are sick of doing it on your own, maybe it’s time to partner up with Windings! Windings is a Minnesota company that has been around for quite some time. Not only do they have fantastic products including stators, rotors, motors and more, they also will help with project development and offer some advice! This is SO nice because a lot of companies out there will sell the products and not offer any other type of support.

Stators are a product of theirs that I am fascinated with. They have SO many capabilities including lamination bonding and welding, insulating powder coating of stacks, coil windings, soldering, joining, and brazing, trickle and vacuum varnishing, machining of finished stacks/assemblies, electrical testing, and design parameters. See how impressive this ONE part is?

I Love These Custom Made Sesame Street Dresses for Halloween

blog-SS Dresses


Sesame Street is a popular kid’s television show that started WAY back in 1966. Not to make you feel old if you were around when they started out, but isn’t it crazy that kids these days are still watching it? The characters are icons and it seems as though EVERYBODY knows who they each are.

I found these super cute custom Sesame Street dresses for little girls on Etsy. These would make the PERFECT Halloween costume. Since little girls often like to play dress up, these would be fun “play” outfits as well for after this fun holiday is over!

If it gets chilly on Halloween in your neck of the woods, remember that these would look just as adorable with leggings.

Have you checked out some of the other adorable Etsy costumes available to order? You better hurry, Halloween is just over a month away!

The Best Place for Massages in Huntington Beach



I’m going to slightly drift away from what I usually talk about (online shopping) because I really need to share something with my readers!

I recently celebrated a birthday (yay!) and received a gift certificate to go get a massage from one of my co-workers. I thought it was super sweet that she thought of me on my birthday. I was told that CloudMover has the best massages in Huntington Beach so I was super excited to schedule my appointment.

Well, I have to say that I was impressed! My massage for for 60 minutes and was in a state of pure relaxation the entire time. I know this sounds ridiculous but I could feel afterward that toxins had been released and I was on cloud nine for quite some time! I’ve been back a few times since then and have loved it that much every single time!

Sorry to change up my usual writing subject, but you’ll understand after you see for yourself why I just had to share!