Articles for October 2013

Great Deals on Office Supplies at Amazon



Now that Christmas is getting closer and closer, I’m starting to freak out that I don’t have my shopping done. Last year I was done with my shopping before Thanksgiving and it was a great feeling to have it completed!

My sister is an accountant and she always gets really busy after Christmas during tax season. I figured I would try to find her some office supplies and gear to make this time a little easier on her. She really needs a new wireless printer, so that she can print documents from any of her devices (her phone, computer or tablet) right to her printer.

There are plenty of great deals on office supplies on Amazon, my go-to website for, well…everything! Check these deals out!

Finally Found a Table Big Enough for Our Family

blog-ikea table


I have been looking for a new dining room table for months. This is really hard to do when you’re as picky about your furniture as I am. I looked at every furniture store in town and couldn’t find what I was looking for so I decided to look online. I’ve never purchased anything this big online and was a little nervous about it. However, as long as I’ve been looking for a table that I liked I was not going to pass this opportunity up!

This is an extendable table from Ikea that has two different leaves so it can seat up to ten people comfortably. It’s available in this brown-black color and also can be purchased in a lighter antique stain color.

Where do you usually buy your furniture? Have you ever purchased online before?

Old Navy Has Fantastic Online Shopping

blog-old navy


I have been visiting the Old Navy website more often lately. I really like shopping here but as you know I prefer online shopping to almost anything else. They have clothes for the ENTIRE family including: infants, maternity, kids, boys, girls, women, men and plus sizes.

Old Navy has sales quite often. I rarely pay full price for anything here which is super nice. Right now they are having their “bounty-fall” sale where sweaters for the entire family start at just $15, jeans start at $15, and layering tee’s are starting at just $6. This sale ends on the 30th of October, so I’d hop on the site sooner rather than later so you don’t risk missing out. Old Navy also has free returns on anything and free shipping on all orders over $50.


I’m Glad I Found These Custom Exhibit Builders Online

Expo-3 Trade Show Exhibit


Are you as fascinated with design as I am? I get so intrigued by the way something comes together–from the planning process to the design and creation that I sometimes lose myself in it! It’s amazing to see something come together like that. I learned about it at a seminar we went to for one of my marketing classes in college. It was awesome!

I found these custom exhibit builders and love what they come up with. This is a top of the line company that comes up with some creations. If you’ve ever been to a trade show, you’ll know that there are a lot of great exhibits and that it takes a lot to stand out.

If you ever get the chance to go to a trade show, I highly recommend it!



Loving This Jewel Tone Holiday Decor

blog-holiday jewel tones blog-boom


Is it too early to be getting ready for Christmas? I know that Halloween isn’t even here yet, but I’m already getting my decorations all lined up and ready for Christmas! I don’t usually put them up until the day after Thanksgiving, but I like to at least be prepared. Right now, my house has  a ton of fall decor all over, so I’m not wanting to completely skip over this season. :)

I found these jewel toned Christmas decorations online and I love them! They are very modern-looking and definitely not your traditional holiday decorations of red and green. These jewel tones are still festive and not like your run-of-the-mill decorations.

What is your favorite holiday? Do you love Christmas as much as I do?