Articles for December 2013

Kayak is a Great Site to Shop Online for Airfare and More!



I’m taking a trip in March and have been looking everywhere for great prices on airfare. It’s not cheap to fly in March with so many different college students traveling for Spring Break.

There are a lot of places where you can look online and book flights: Priceline, Hotwire, Expedia, Travelocity, individual airport websites, but my favorite by far is Kayak.

When searching flights on Kayak, you can enter the airports, travel dates, and number of passengers. You can click the options to search nearby airports as well as flexible travel dates (plus or minus 1-3 days) to see if you can save more money this way. You can also click to compare 5 different booking sites and see if they can get you a better deal!

You can also look at hotels (often booking a flight with a hotel can save money on both!) and car rentals.

Are you traveling anywhere any time soon?

Food for Emergency Preparedness Kit on SALE!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – for sales that is. The deals I have been seeing are a shoppers dream! This is the time to stock up on essentials, especially winter essentials. I have bought so many sweaters and a few pairs of boots for 50-70% off! I always wait till this time of the year to pick up items like that.

With the ultra frigid weather we have been experiencing I have taken even more precaution. With super good deals, I had to take advantage. I bought myself a winter car emergency kit and Santa brought me food for emergency preparedness kit to stick in my car for the Winter. I am double protected! With regular temps below zero, I’m not messing around! What deals have you seen?

Year End Clearance at Target



One of my favorite gifts to receive for Christmas is a gift card. I like this because I love to shop. Having a gift card gives me the freedom to get when I want and get what I want.

I received two gift cards to use at Target for Christmas, valuing $100. My family knows me all to well because they not only purchased gift cards for me, but they were to one of my favorite stores!

This was perfect timing because right now, Target is having a year-end clearance event. They have some fantastic sales at this time of the year (sometimes even better than Black Friday!) 

Today when I ventured into Target, I stocked up on some Christmas items for NEXT year! That’s right, Christmas is 364 days away but I still wanted to take advantage and save! It was plenty busy and I have made the decision to do the rest of my shopping online!

Christmas is Finally Here!

Well, Christmas Eve is here anyway. Happy holidays to all of my readers! I hope you all have had a fantastic couple of weeks (or months…depending on your shopping style) preparing for this wonderful holiday and are just as excited as I am that it’s finally here! No matter what your holidays plans are, whether it be relaxing at home, having company over, traveling, or working; I hope you Christmas brings you joy and blessings all around! And if you are traveling, may the weather cooperate!



If you’re looking to preserve some of this wonderful Christmas memories ahead, I suggest checking out Shutterfly for your holiday photo options! Not only can you print pictures, but you are able to order photo gifts of all kinds.

Merry Christmas!

Big Savings With Discounted Coach Handbags!

Travel Luggage Plus--Coach Signature Bag


I love Coach brand accessories. I started out with a handbag that I received for my birthday one year and loved the quality of it. The zippers were so smooth and it was durable without being heavy. I also really liked how classy yet simple it was!

Since then, I’ve added to my collection and even expanded past handbags to things like watches, rings, scarves, shoes and even a case for my iPad! Handbags are still my favorite, though.

I do know that with a designer name comes a designer price. This is why I was so excited when I found a website that has a great selection of discounted Coach handbags.  What do you think of this classic bag pictured above? I think I’m going to get myself a little Christmas gift and order it!