Articles for January 2014

The Custom Exhibit Builders Are Outstanding

Expo-3 Trade Show Exhibit


Have you ever been to a trade show (also called a trade show or trade fair)? I’ve never been to one until this past year and I’ve since been to three. I think they are so fascinating and I’ve learned so much at each one I’ve attended. As a bonus, the ones I’ve been to have always been in a really fun city so I’ve had a great time exploring.

The last trade show that I went to had an exhibit there that I was obsessed with. It was so cool! When I talked to the person that was at the exhibit/booth, they told me that these custom exhibit builders designed it for them. I think that I’m going to have to contact them for the next trade show!


Online Shopping in Reverse: Selling Your Books Back to Amazon



I was looking for a book on Amazon the other day and came across the option to sell back books to them. I was really surprised when I saw this because it seems like books (especially textbooks) are nearly impossible to sell back! When I was in college I tried selling my textbooks back to the bookstore that I purchased them at and they wouldn’t buy them back because my college was using the newest edition of the textbook. I also am not somebody that wants to sell things privately on CraigsList or eBay.

I asked around to see if others had sold books back to Amazon and my friend that did it said that it worked really well! She said that you type in the ISBN number after making sure that your book meets the buy back criteria. You then verify the ISBN and print out a packing slip and postage for the book. They ship for free, so there are no costs or hidden fees there. Once they receive your textbooks, they will apply the balance of the money they offer for each book onto your Amazon account as a gift card. You can use the balance towards items on Amazon!

This VooDoo Tactical Deployment Bag is Top of the Line

Outdoor Legacy Gear-Men's Voodoo Tactical Backpack


My cousin is in the Army and I am so proud of him! I don’t know a lot about the military but I really enjoy learning about the things that he does tell me. He was deployed for about a year in Afghanistan and from there was stationed at a base in Texas. Sometimes I think about joining in on the family tradition and joining the military but I think that it takes a lot more than what I can handle at times!

This last Christmas, I sent a care package to my cousin. I wanted to bring Christmast to him and thank him for all that he does. I bought this VooDoo tactical deployment bag and filled it with all sorts of great things that he likes and that he can use. I put stamps, envelopes, writing paper, a box of my mom’s cookies (his favorite), and some other things that he loves. He loved this gift and I can’t wait for him to come home next!

This Projector is a Must-Have For The Super Bowl



Can you believe the Super Bowl is almost here? I love watching the Super Bowl because it’s a great opportunity to get together with close friends and family. I love making appetizers and other game day snacks for everybody to enjoy. Let’s not forget how great the commercials are as well as the half time show.

I found this projector online and thought that it would take watching the Super Bowl to a whole new level. This projects the game up to 100″ and connects via an HDMI cable to a phone. You can stream the game online from your phone, plug it in and enjoy!

Are you ready and prepared for the Super Bowl? I can’t wait!

Wanelo is a Great Site for Online Shopping



As you can tell, I’m a huge fan of online shopping. I love having access to great products from the comfort of my own home…of my own couch even! Although sometimes it’s no fun to wait for a product or item to ship there are many perks of online shopping such as the ability to shop around and find the lowest price.

One of my favorite places to shop online is Wanelo. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the concept of Pinterest, but Wanelo is similar in that you can create different boards to organize the products and items. Wanelo is great because in order to post something on this site, you need a valid URL as well as a price for the item. This means that each product you find that you like has a link and you have the ability to purchase it!

Where are some of your favorite places to shop online?