Articles for April 2014

So Many Graduation Supplies at Oriental Trading

gradSpring is such a busy time of year! It’s sometimes nice and refreshing to get out, plan some things and enjoy time with friends and family!

A big event that a lot of families are working on planning right now is graduation parties. I know that my refrigerator is filling up quickly with invites, so I know everyone is hard at work preparing!

They have a ton of fantastic graduation supplies at prices that are affordable. They have paper dining items (which make for a much easier clean-up, although not so friendly for the environment), decorations, party favors, and so much more. I love ordering things from this site, not just for graduation parties, but for things like weddings, parties, birthday celebrations, bridal showers, baby showers, and SO much more!

So Many Shower Curtains at Target

targetI love shopping at Target. I’m a RedCard Debit Card holder, have the Cartwheel app on my smartphone to save money with coupons, and save even more with printable in-store coupons online. I’ve been looking to re-do by bathroom and decided to check out their line of shower curtains. I get everything else there (groceries, clothes, shoes, gifts, toiletries, paper items, housewares, and more), so I figured that they would have a great selection of these, too!

I’m glad I decided to check it out because I found some really cute ones! The rest of my house is decorated pretty neutral, so I like this fun one that I found. It’ll be hard to choose a paint color for this one because there are so many to choose from! That’s not the worst problem I’ve had with the bathroom re-model, so I’m fine with that!


Massages in Orange County for Graduation

thIt is graduation party season the top gift for grads seems to be cold hard cash, which is a great idea, what graduate does not need case? None of them that invite me to their parties that is for sure. Another great gift is gift cards and gift certificates. I love to give a graduate a gift card for Target or Walmart or something. They always have something they could use from those stores.

Another thing is gift certificates for salon and spa services for the graduate or even for weddings. Which bride does not need massages in Orange County ? Wedding and graduation season are both here and I decided to make it easy on myself and buy all my gift cards/certificates at one place. So when I get invited I already have the card to slip in an envelope and there is not last minute running around. Making life easy (easier), for myself is one thing I always appreciate.

Major Sandal Moment at DSW

dswI have a serious love for shoes. I look forward to the change of every season because it means that I can get my shoes for the season out of storage or even buy some new ones. I get e-mails from all of my favorite shoe stores, and I love being notified when new styles come in or sales occur.

I recently got an e-mail from DSW saying that they are having a “Major Sandal Moment” so I hopped online to check it out! The sandals and wedges featured on this sale are $40 and under. This is awesome because I wanted to pick up a pair or dressier sandals and then a pair of wedges to wear with a sundress of mine.

If I were you, I would sign up for their rewards program. You can save money and it’s nice to be notified when new styles and sales happen. Don’t miss out!

I Love the Idea of Personalized M & M’s!

blog-mmsM & M’s are the ultimate traditional chocolate candy. Bite sized milk chocolate covered with a colored chocolate shell, these aren’t just good alone. I love M & M’s on my ice cream and baked in cookies, too!

I had a friend that recently had a baby. She received a gift that I have never seen before: personalized M & M’s! I thought this was great and instantly went online to do some searching. This M & M’s website allows you to personalize candies for a number of occasions: birthdays, weddings, new babies, graduation, anniversary and so much more. They make great gifts of party favors. You can do words or even a picture! If you don’t know where to start, check out the idea gallery for some inspiration.

If you’re a member of Groupon, make sure to check it out because they have a deal running right now for this site! It will save you money. :)