Articles for May 2014

Always Be Ready With This Emergency Preparedness First Aid Kit

first aidI consider myself a person that likes to be “one step ahead of the game” and try to be prepared whenever possible. This is why I have several of these handy emergency preparedness first aid kits

Since the weather in spring can be sometimes a little dangerous with tornadoes and other sometimes-deadly storms, I thought that it would be best to add one more kit to my collection. I currently have one in each vehicle and another in the basement. I am ordering one more this week to put in the main level of our house. I think that this is a good investment and will make me feel even safer!


Check Out This Memorial Day Sale at Old Navy!

blog-ONOld Navy has some pretty great deals. I rarely pay full price for anything here because they are almost always having a sale.

Right now, they are having a pretty big sale for Memorial Day. They are offering up to 50% off of items in store and online and are also offering an additional 15% off of everything online with the coupon code “extra” applied at check-out.

Check out their great selection of clothes for the entire family. There are clothes, shoes, and accessories for kids, babies, men, and women. They also have sizes available for “tall”, “petite”, maternity and “plus”. Remember to sign up for their e-mail list and get additional offers and coupons.

This Site Has It All When it Comes to Boating Gear

bagSummer is my favorite time of year. It is a nice breath of fresh air after the hustle and bustle of spring when everything seems so busy! There are so many things that I love to do during the summer months, and most of it involves boating. Some days I would rather be active and participate in water sports and action, and other days I prefer to just kick my legs up and indulge in a great book. Either way, it’s pretty hard NOT to enjoy a day on the boat!

Since my family shares in my hobby, and we pretty much spend every moment possible at the lake, they were just as excited as I was about the discovery of the website ILuvMyBoat. They have so many things including boating apparel for men, women and kids, home decor, accessories, jewelry, solar lights and so much more!

Baby Girl Sandal Obsession

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 10.39.00 AMI am so obsessed with baby clothes. I think my dream job would be to be a personal shopper for a baby if I could. I know that having a baby I received so many baby girl clothes from new clothes to hammy downs, but I still find myself buying my little girl clothes when I see them.  I found the cutest baby girl sandals for my little girl, and I just can’t get over them. They are probably the cutest baby sandals I have ever seen. Any time my little one wears these she gets soooo many compliments on them, not that she understands what that means, but I sure do! What do you think of these baby girl sandals? Aren’t they to die for?! Do you have a baby clothes shopping addiction like I do?

I Love Shopping Online at the Buckle

blog-the buckleThe Buckle is a great store. They have clothes for both men and women and have just recently started carrying clothes for kids (both boys and girls). The Buckle also carries jewelry, fragrances, accessories, shoes and much more for both women and men. My favorite thing to get at the Buckle is jeans. They carry a ton of different brands, my favorite being the Buckle-exclusive BKE brand.

Since I’m on a pretty tight budget, I try not to go crazy here and spend too much money. This is easy to do when I shop in stores because their salespeople earn paychecks on commission for the products they sale. I’m kind of an “easy sell” and so I find that it’s a lot easier for me to shop online. The return/exchange process is a breeze here, so I never worry about ordering the incorrect size.