Articles for July 2014

A Hint of Fall at Bath and Body Works

blog-bandbI love fall. It is easily my favorite season of the entire year. There are many things I love about it: the changing colors of the leaves on the trees, the “sweater and boots” weather, the sports season (NFL football baby!),  and the amazing Sunday afternoons with Crock-pot suppers cooking.

Bath and Body works has some great fall things in stock and on sale! Right now, you can get fall scented hand soap for just $3 (as well as all other new hand soaps). The scents are “Weekend Apple Picking”, “Kitchen Lemon”, “Farmstand Apple”, and “Sweet Clementine”. They also have $12 3-wick candles, and for today only, you can get $1 shipping on any purchase over $25! These are some great deals!

Are you excited for fall?

DSW is Another Awesome Shoe Store

blog-dswCan you tell that I’m in the mood lately to go shopping for shoes? I can’t help it. I have more free time in the summer, so I’ve been working on cleaning my closet out to get rid of the shoes, clothes, and purses that I don’t use enough and now have quite a bit of room to fill up now (which is the fun part).

DSW is another great shoe store to shop at. They have an awesome selection. Make sure you don’t get intimidated by the word “designer” in the name–there are tons of great deals and discounts. I can honestly say that I don’t think I have ever paid for full-price anything here. My advice to you all is to sign up for their e-mail list do you can be notified when there is a great sale going on!

The World Famous Huntington Beach Facial

BeLeaf-menu01I love my job, but it comes along with a pretty high stress level. I can deal with it pretty well most of the time, but there are definitely some moments where I want to tear my hair out. Because of this, I really like to treat myself, so I don’t actually go crazy! I think one of my favorite things to do is get a world famous Huntington Beach facial. You would think getting a massage would be my first choice, but honestly, getting a facial is one of my favorite things ever, even though their massages are to die for as well. With a stressful job, sometimes comes with skin problems, like everyone’s worst enemy – the breakout. If you are prone to the stress breakouts like me, your solution is here.

Not only does the Huntington Beach Facial help my stressed out skin, but it seriously relieves so much stress. It is like killing two birds with one stone. You are cleaning your skin and getting a massage that just scrubs away the stress. I also love that I can choose what kind of facial I want. Maybe I don’t have any breakouts, I am just really stressed, they have anything you could imagine. If you haven’t experienced a Huntington Beach facial yet, you are seriously missing out, and I highly suggest getting one ASAP!  You will not be sorry!

ShoeDazzle is the One-Stop Shoe Shop

blog-sdHave you heard of ShoeDazzle? I was watching TV one night and saw a commercial for this site. When I hear the word “shoes” or see a nice collection of boots, heels, wedges, sandals, etc it’s like I’m a lost cause. I lose all other focus and immediately start mentally planning outfits in my head.

I decided to check out this site. It’s easy to sign up for and I love that I can customize this to meet my personal style. When you first go to this site, you enter your e-mail address. You then take a style quiz to determine your own personal likes and dislikes. They then customize your home page based on what you would be interested in. This makes for an amazing shopping experience!

Shutterfly is a Great Photo Website

blog-shutterflyIs it crazy that it’s July and that I’m already starting to think about Christmas? I want to be less stressed around the holidays so I’m trying to make lists of gifts that I want to give to others. When I try to pack in my shopping between the months of November and December I tend to get overwhelmed!

I am thinking that I will be getting a photo book from Shutterfly for my parents and my in-laws. I love these photo books because they can be ordered online and customized, personalized, and filled with family photos. This is a gift that I know they will treasure and love to look at. I am going to order them in October, so I have enough time before Christmas and am able to have these next few months to get more pictures!