Articles for October 2014

One Holiday, Multiple Costumes

In my last post I talked about how I am going to be Catwoman for Halloween. This is true, but I also have another costume up my sleeve (paws?) Halloween may only fall on one day but there is a whole weekend dedicated to celebrating it (if you’re in college that is). The costume I am most excited about is the costume I plan on wearing on the big day, October 31. I am really proud of the thought I put into it. Like I said I go all out. I am going to be Billy the Jigsaw Puppet from the SAW franchise.

Usually, when I tell people this I either get a reaction like “Why?” or “No, don’t that’s creepy!” Let me tell you something people, Halloween is not all about trashy costumes that don’t make sense. Some of us enjoy the horror aspect of the Holiday and want to celebrate accordingly!

That being said I should say that I do plan on making it a “cute” version. Maybe people won’t be so against it when they see it all put together. My process went a little something like this:

I was on Pinterest (obviously) and I came across this photo

Billy the Jigsaw Puppet costume
Billy the Jigsaw Puppet costume

And I was instantly entranced. I love the SAW movies and this seemed like a unique idea so I wanted to go for it. I think the hardest part was finding a red bow tie for this costume. I checked Walmart and Sears and I couldn’t find anything. I actually found one in a Halloween Express store for only $9.00! Halloween Express is also where I got my white face paint and red and black face crayons for 3 bucks each. I already had a white button up and a black suit jacket so I am set! I just hope I can make my face look as good as that picture!

DIY Halloween Costume

Halloween is my favorite time of year. I look forward to it more than Christmas (but not as much as my birthday, obviously.) I get really in to my costumes. I go all out, but I hate spending a lot of money so that forces me to get creative. I try to use items that I already have or go to a thrift store like Goodwill or Unique for the rest.

This year I have a few costume ideas. Being in college there are multiple nights to celebrate, which means multiple costumes. The first night I want to be Catwoman, and while I could spend $99.99 on a costume… I’d rather not. I was originally inspired by an article of clothing I already own: my leather (actually, pleather is more like it) leggings from Express! Now, they are 60 bucks, but keep in mind I already own these. So, so far no money has been spent on my costume.

The main part of this costume is the cat ears. Without them, I am just a woman wearing all tight black clothing, which is pretty ambiguous. I got a simple black pair of cat ears at Halloween Express (one of those pop up shops that are only around for Halloween). They were only $7.99 and came with a tail too. I could have gotten a mask instead of ears, but then I couldn’t do fun makeup like this:

Halloween cat eye makeup
Halloween cat eye makeup

And since I already own eyeliner, again no money is spent. I did have to go out and buy false eyelashes, but those are only $3.99 at Walmart. Okay I didn’t NEED them. I wanted them so I could look more dramatic. So far this costume has only cost about 12 bucks. I just need to decide what to wear for a top. Do I go out and buy a corset or do I go with a black crop top? What do you think?

A Pinteresting Find

I have a confessions to make, I’m obsessed with Pinterest. I know, that’s so unheard of (sarcasm). I go on Pinterest for what feels like 10 minutes but in reality I’ve spent five hours looking at fashion, funny pictures, and wedding ideas for me and my non-existent fiancé. But the really great thing about Pinterest is that I am always finding little gems like this:

There's a map for that necklace
There’s a map for that necklace

It is the “There’s a Map for that Necklace” in gold. Now I may have found this beauty on Pinterest but it originates from ModCloth. ModCloth is one of the most unique clothing brands I’ve ever heard of. They have clothes inspired from almost every decade so whether you want to buy a 50s inspired dress or 70s inspired flares they will have what you are looking for.

Lets get back to the necklace. This gold world cut-out necklace is only $19.99 and it’s a unique option for any jewelry collection. I’ve never seen anything like it. This is the perfect necklace for a world traveler or for someone who hasn’t gotten their passport stamped yet and needs a little inspiration.

Necklaces like these go great with almost any outfit. Its simple enough to wear casually with a v-neck or a button up, but it could also be worn as a conversation piece with a little black dress.

Some people get tattoos of the countries they visit, but not all of us are that adventurous with body art. If you aren’t in to permanently marking your body but you still want inspiration to travel, a necklace like this will fill that void. Even if you don’t need something to make you go get on a plan across the world, it is still a cute option for your collection. It’s unique, fun and affordable!

Flannel: It’s Not Just for Lumberjacks

Over the years flannel has cemented itself as a fall staple. Whether it’s fitted, flowy, in the form of a scarf, or a skirt I am confident in saying that there is at least one flannel item in your wardrobe. And if for some odd reason you do not own a flannel item GO OUT AND GET ONE! Buying a flannel is like buying endless fashion possibilities.

Flannel is one of my favorite transition items. When we think of flannel we tend to think of fall but it also works great in the winter, spring, and summer. In the winter you can use a fitted flannel shirt to make a puffy vest chic. You can wear a flannel scarf in the spring to help you ease back into the warm weather. And in the summer a flowy flannel can protect you from mosquitoes during a late night stroll.

Great example of a crop top paired with a loose fitting flannel (No this is not me. HA I wish.)
Great example of a crop top paired with a loose fitting flannel (No this is not me. HA I wish.)

I tend to gravitate towards the more loose fitting flannels because I like to wear them over crop tops. Wearing a flowy flannel with a crop top makes me feel like I am revealing less so I feel more comfortable showing off my stomach. I usually buy men’s flannels if I am going to do this because they are structured differently than women’s flannels. Women’s flannels tend to mimic the shape of a woman’s body and are therefore more structured. You could try buying a bigger size in a woman’s flannel but I can almost guarantee that you will just look like your drowning. Men’s flannels on the other hand are boxier. Boxy = flowy.

I always go to Ragstock to get my flannels. They’re cheap, warm and reliable. Ragstock always has a wide selection of flannels so you know you will find one that works for you!

You Won’t Want to Dig Yourself Out of This Trench!

For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted a trench coat. I have been on the search for one for the majority of my 21 years (okay, not exactly, maybe within the last 5) but I could never seem to find one that worked with my body, or my price range. Yet, somehow I keep seeing them EVERYWHERE on EVERYONE! It’s such a tease..


But I have good news, I finally found a trench coat that’s the right length and the right price! Thank you Calvin Klein for designing this beautiful double breasted khaki trench coat and making my dreams come true for only $99.98 (at first it may seem like $99.98 is pricy but remember its for a jacket and I live in the Midwest so it needs to be warm and durable because the weather is different every. single. day).

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve Googled “women’s trench coat” only to be flooded with pricey designer results (yes Burberry, your trench coats are to die for and if I had $1,795.00 bucks this wouldn’t even be a discussion, but I don’t and it is). I’ve also come across trench coats that are too short and thus make me look stumpy. I am not a tree, so this does not work for me.

But alas, my dear friend Calvin Klein (okay, we aren’t really friends, I’ve actually never met him) has come to save the day. I found this coat as Macy’s. Macy’s is a great place to shop if you are on a budget. I always look to Macy’s when I want something of great quality but a low price. The fact that it is long accentuates your waste line. So if you are like me and you are a little curvy, it wont make you look stumpy. A good trench coat will never go out of style.