Articles for December 2014

Dressing For Your Body

This may be too much information, but I have a very large chest, and sometimes it is really hard to find clothes that do not make me look pregnant. If you have big boobs you know what I mean. And if you do not, I will clarify for you. When you have a big chest obviously things stick out, and if you wear a flowy shirt then that shirt will stick out and create the illusion of a bump. Sometimes I feel like my only options are to wear skin tight clothing, but that is not exactly classy. And every time I try to find tips for dressing with a big chest they usually also include dressing for a bigger body. I do not necessarily have a bigger body so this can be really frustrating. I have basically tried on every outfit imaginable to find a solution and I have come up with a few ideas for ladies with larger than normal chests but average waist lines.

One of the outfits I really enjoy is to pair a leotard with a flowy skirt. The leotard slims my waist while the flowy skirt helps me not look like a hoochie mama. For example, check out this outfit below.


I do have a lot of flowy shirts which can be a problem, as I pointed out earlier, so in order to remedy this problem I pair the flowy shirt with high waist-ed pants. Check out this outfit from Pinterest. It is the perfect example of wearing a flowy shirt and not looking pregnant.


For more rules and rule-breakers check out this article I found on Cosmopolitan! It explains how you can wear all of the things people tell you you cannot wear when you have a large and in charge chest!

Good luck ladies!

The Magic of Coconut Oil



Everyone is obsessed with coconut oil these days, and it is easy to see why. You can use coconut oil for EVERYTHING. Seriously from cooking to home beauty remedies it is the only ingredient you need in your life to be successful no matter what you are doing. I have come across many uses for coconut oil while cruising across the web, and I am going to share a few of my favorites.

  1. First off, coconut oil is so rich that it can help heal chapped lips. All you have to do is put it on over night and you will wake up with silky soft baby lips.
  2. For the same reason that coconut oil helps heal chapped lips, it also helps with dandruff. Dandruff is caused by a dry scalp. And just as your lips need nourishment so does your scalp. Just massage warm coconut oil into your scalp before you go to sleep and rinse it out in the morning.
  3. And again, another dry area that coconut oil heals are, well, your heels. I have the worst feet, especially in the winter. If you’re like me you’ll want to massage coconut oil into your feet for 10 minutes and then sleep with some cotton socks on. This will help give your feet the nourishment they crave.

I know the benefits that I have been discussing so far are all for dry skin but I promise there is more to coconut oil than moistureization.

Coconut oil is great for cooking. Because coconut oil is mostly saturated fat, it can withstand heat better than oils made mostly of polyunsaturated fat. Do not be alarmed by the words “saturated fat.” Coconut oil is the good kind of saturated fat that raises the HDL cholesterol that needs to be high.

After researching all of its benefits, it’s easy to see why people are obsessed with coconut oil.

New Years Eve Dress Ideas

Unless you are lucky enough to live in a tropical climate, you will most likely be ringing in the new year in 30 degree weather. We all want to look cute on New Years Eve, but the weather limits most of our outfit decisions. Should we say eff it and wear a short, skin tight dress and brace ourselves for the chill ahead or should we wear a more sensible option? Do not even get me started on the jacket dilemma. Do you bring a jacket and either hold it all night or wear it a feel hot or try going it without one and freeze while your standing in line?

But fret not! I am here to help solve all NYE fashion problems. So what do you wear when it is colder than a meat locker? Try this velvet long sleeved number from Nasty Gal


It’s floor length, yet it still has a slit so you will not feel matronly wearing it. The velvet and long sleeves should keep you warm while you wait in line for whatever you may be doing! This classy get-up is a reasonable $88.00

If you are not into the whole floor length thing you could try a midi number like this Floral Knit Midi Dress from UrbanOG


It will only cost you $29.99 and it will keep you semi-warm.

But who says you even have to wear a dress? You could wear a pantsuit or leather leggings! I found a great outfit idea from Nasty Gal. These sequin leggings pair well with this simple white shirt. (Fuzzy jacket optional).


Now I know that no matter what I suggest some of you will still probably want to wear a short dress. This is fine, just try pairing it with tights for some added warmth! No need to get frostbite on this big night out!

The Wonderful World of Adult Onsies

Why should children should have all the fun when it comes to festive sleepwear? Everyone needs to keep warm especially during these harsh Midwest winters. This is why I like adult onsies. They are cute, cozy, and stylish (in a cartoon character way). Even though they may seem silly, or childish you will not feel silly or childish once you put one of these bad boys on. They are actually really warm. I have a onsie, but not a regular onsie, it is a Unicorn onsie. My roommate got it for my while she was in Australia so I am not sure of the price but I looked up where to buy some in the good ol’ United States.

I present to you the Japanese Kigurumi Cosplay Pajamas. I found them on With Japanese Kigurumi Cosplay Pajamas you can dress up as a cozy version of your favorite animal. The word Kigurumi itself means “to wear a stuffed toy” so you are basically one giant stuffed animal in these things.



Your onsie options are either an owl, as pictured above, a tabby cat, a red panda, a regular panda, a fox, a dinosaur, a blue unicorn (my favorite) a hedge hog, a corgi or a sloth.

In my opinion the sloth makes the most sense because that is the only thing you will want to act like once you put these things on.

What is great about these pajamas is that they are loose fitting. You will not feel constricted if you sleep in these. These are one size fits all onsie, which means it will only fit you if you have an average body shape. They are $49.99 and are machine washable, which is good for me because even though I just got it I already spilled Dorito dust on it.

Wanelo? Why not?

Want, Need, Love. That is the Wanelo motto. And they are right I want, need, and love every single thing on this website. What is Wanelo? Think of it like Pinterest BUT BETTER. The great thing about Pinterest is that you can search for cute clothes, but the bad thing is you do not always know where these clothes come from. Sometimes, people just post pictures with no link to the store. However, with Wanelo the whole point of the website is to find cute clothes and then buy them right then and there.


The Wanelo website describes themselves like so, “Think of Wanelo as a mall on your phone, curated by people just like you. It helps you find the most amazing products in the universe. A regular mall has 150 stores, but on Wanelo you’ll find over 350,000 stores which include all the big brands you know, as well as tiny independent boutiques and sellers you’ve never heard of.”

And it is true, they have the reliable brands that you would expect like H&M and Zara, but you also get the luxury of finding places you have never heard of. Personally I found a great store called UrbanOG by using Wanelo.

UrbanOG is a trendy and affordable website. It’s the site that I am definitely getting my New Years Eve dress from. Check out this Metallic V-Neck Maxi dress. It’s only $39.60!


Wanelo was created by Deena Varshavskaya. She was fed up with the way shopping malls worked. She had a unique style that was not being satisfied by traditional stores. She wanted a place to go where you could find everything you were looking for all at once. That is where she got the idea for Wanelo. She even started it with her own money! Today Wanelo is based in San Fransisco, and Deena is still working hard creating a unique space to shop.