Articles for January 2015

You’re Never Too Old to be Stylish- InstaGRANDMA’s

Instagram is so popular these days it seems like everyone has one, even your grandma! It is true, Instagram is not just a place for basic white girls to post sepia-toned photos of their latest latte from Starbucks. It is a place to express your style, and style has no age limit. These grandmas are better dressers than I will ever be, but maybe I can learn a thing or two from them!

The first account that caught my eye was the Senior Style Bible run by cultured cutie Dorrie Jacobson. She may be 79 but that does not stop her from looking like a dime piece. After all, she is a former playboy bunny, so you know she is a lady who likes to take risks, and I am all about risks– the fashion kind anyway. What I love about Dorrie is that though she dresses for her age, she does not look like a stereotypical “grandma.” You are not going to see her in anything that resembles a tablecloth. Dressing appropriately does not mean dressing like a ragamuffin.


This next style icon is Tizporah Salamon. You may recognize her from her the documentary “Advanced Style.” Her look is definitely more runway-Esq than good ole’ Dorrie but who says you can’t look like you just walked off of a cat-walk every day? Especially when life is so short! She is one of New York’s most famous style icons. Her track record includes Lanvin and Vogue. Her clothing is her art and she always looks like a masterpiece!


Finally, you cannot forget about Linda Rodin former stylist and editor for Bazaar. Her Instagram account Linda and Winks chronicles her journey into senior life. Even her dog is chic. Just because Linda has retired from her days at Bazaar does not mean she is sitting at home knitting. Oh no, Linda has skincare and makeup line.


check out more stylish grandma’s here


Jewelry that Rocks!

Lately, I’ve been really into jewelry made from stones, rocks, minerals etc, and I’m not talking diamonds. Of course I would not mind a diamond, I just feel like they are such a serious stone. There are so many more options that are fun, youthful, and more importantly, cheap.

I have really been digging (get it?) agate lately, but more specifically druzy agate. What is druzy, you ask? It is when you make a mineral look like it is glittering. It makes the stone look rough and it is mostly used when making jewelry. It is also pretty cheap.

I found a lot of these stones on Etsy. Of course. So I am going to share some of my favorite options.

I love the look of this handmade white druzy free form agate pendant enclosed in gold. It is rough yet polished at the same time. More importantly, it is only $12.00.


This pretty pendant will add a simple yet hipster-ish touch to any outfit.

My favorite item so far has to be these black druzy agate studs encased in gold. I like the look of the black better than the white. These are handmade and ship from Canada. They are a little more pricy at $55.00 but they are certainly beautiful.


These earrings are made by OhKuol on Etsy. She creates a lot of druzy jewelry and of course they are all stunning. I cannot stop drooling over this Gold Black Druzy Bib necklace she made. This one happens to be $129.00 so I cannot exactly afford it at the moment but once I can I am going to snatch it up! Its a little less casual than some of her other pieces but I like it because it still has that rough appearance but you can wear it with classier clothing.



Spring 215 Makeup Trends

Your clothes are not the only thing that can go out of style; makeup trends come and go just as often. This spring try some of these new looks to freshen up your face!


At the Fendi spring fashion show bright pops of color were all the rage, but it was not eyeliner these fashion folks used. Strips of leather, satin stickers and swipes of lipstick were used to create the effect. If you are not comfortable with gluing leather to your eyelid (which why would you be?) I would just go with a fun, bright eyeliner. I think the key to this look is to have a thin layer of black eyeliner right at the lid and add the fun color to the top. Try using Deep Blue Sea Eyeliner by MAC. The color is really fun and it is only $16.00


Another trend to be on the look out for is flaming lips. Wild lip color is very in this season. My favorites right now are Sin by MAC and Diva by MAC. Sin is a nice deep red while Diva has a more purple tint. These lipsticks are both $16.00. They are both on the darker side so they are perfect for night but if you are looking for something bright and cheery for the day try Flat Out Fabulous by MAC. It is a bright pink and very fun. I obviously really like MAC lipsticks.

I do have to say, with lipsticks less is more, and by that I mean if you are going to wear a loud lipstick do not pair it with wild eyes. Stick to one trend at a time. Bright eyeliner with bright lipstick is a no! If you want to emphasize the eyes try a nude lipstick and if you want the attention on your lips try a simple cat eye for up top.


The Right Necklace for Each Neckline

Accessories can make or break an outfit, so it is important to pay attention to how you decorate your décolletage. Earrings are one thing. If you pick the wrong pair you can hide them behind your hair or take them out and no one will notice, but It is very easy to pick the wrong necklace and sometimes the absence of a necklace is worse than the wrong necklace all together. So what is a girl to do?

I found this very helpful guide to picking the right necklace to compliment your neckline on Pinterest.


I’m definitely a visual learner so I really appreciate the pictures this chart uses. Not everyone knows what a “square angular pendant” is. The visual representation also allows for people to pair their necklaces with the correct tops. What if you mixed up what a Halterneck and a V-neck look like? The results could be terrifying. With a guide like this you’ll be looking fly all night long!

Now it is easy to pick a necklace when you are wearing a plain print but what happens when your shirt is more fun than you are?

The best advice in this situation is that less is more. If your necklace and your shirt are equally loud than it is better to choose one over the other. If the shirt is what you want to showcase perhaps you should wear a simple gold chain. If you are in love with your statement necklace, choose a toned down top.

For other “do and don’t” fashion questions try reading this article 7 Rules for Wearing Statement Jewelry. This is a simple, straightforward article dictating what earrings to wear when, what jewelry clashes with one another and how to wear bracelets.

These tips will take you from flat to fierce in an instant!

Fun Kitchen Gadgets

I wish I was a better cook but I am too lazy to perfect the craft. Story of my life for most things. But, I cannot lie. If I had new and interesting items to toy with it would give me some motivation to actually try. Something that I always struggle with when I do cook is how much spaghetti to make. I know a lot of spaghetti, or an excessive amount of any carbs, is not good and I definitely binge eat my noodles. This is why I need the “I Could Eat a Horse” spaghetti measuring tool.


It tells you how many noodles to cook depending on how many people you are cooking for in a clever animated way. A small portion for one, a little more for two with the horse represents the family size. Or someone who could “literally eat a horse.” This was designed by Stefán Pétur Sólveigarson and costs only $15.00.

Another interesting kitchen innovation I found id the Fred and Friends Obsessive Chef Cutting Board. What makes it better than a normal cutting board is that it helps you measure what you cut. You can get this cutting board on Amazon for $28.48. Now you know how much to cut for how many people! As you can see I am really into portion control right now.



For more super cool kitchen ideas check out this Buzzfeed article, 11 Affordable Kitchen Utensils That Will Change Your Life. I do have to say that the downside to this article is that there are no links to the products, no descriptions for the products, and no price information either. I had to do an extensive google search just to find products similar to the ones in the article. All I am saying is if you are going to show me cool stuff at least tell me where to buy it! It is such a tease!