Articles for March 2015

For Those of Us Who are Really Bad at Eyeliner

I don’t know what it is but no matter how hard I try I can never get my eyeliner to to go on perfectly. Obviously, perfection is not something that is easily achieved but I can barely make my eyes look like fraternal twins. I need help. So here are a few tips I found in an article from BuzzFeed.

First off you need a little history lesson in eyeliner school. There are three types of liner you can get: Pencil, Gel, and Liquid. I always knew there were different types but I never knew why these differences matter. Well here they are, pencil eyeliner is easy to use yet it does not always spread smoothly or come out as thick. Gel eyeliner is, well, gel. It glides on like a fine oil, and liquid liner works well for precision.

And in the case of eyeliner, color matters. There are a few tricks to make your eyes look bigger like adding a nude or white liner to the bottom/ water line. If you have small eyes, avoid black. Try brown instead. Then there are colors like blue and pink that you can wear if you are feeling funky. But that is a whole other subject.

So how do you put it on?

Well a common problem is that you shake and ruin the liner as you move. To remedy this try sitting down, putting your elbow on a steady surface and resting your pinky on your cheek. Seriously it works.


For gel liner, it may be best to draw some dots or dashes on and then connect them like so.


And sometimes you need to make a mess before you can have a beautiful finished product. I know a lot of people who purposely mess up their eyeliner just to fix it and I never understood why until now.


The Strangest Clothing Line I’ve Ever Seen

I love McDonalds. I know I should not because it is so incredibly bad for you and I am pretty sure the meat is not even real meat. But I still love it and I occasionally still eat it and just pretend I do not know how disgusting it is.

I know people can be pretty obsessed with McDonalds. Some people eat it every day, but Sweden just took their love for McDonalds to a new level. They have a McDonalds themed clothing line.

They are calling it their “Lifestyle Collection” because McDonalds is not just a restaurant, it is a way of life. And for some, that way of life is heart-stopping cholesterol. I am not hating I am just stating facts!

So this “Lifestyle Collection” revolves around the Big Mac. Literally every item of clothing they are releasing just has a repeating pattern of the Big Mac on a white background. McDonalds launched their collection at their own “McWalk” fashion show in Stockholm, Sweden.  They were inspired to create this fashion line after they created thermal underwear as a way to sponsor the Swedish Alpine and Cross Country Ski Team.

It was also part of their campaign ImLovinIt24 where McDonalds left 24 gifts, in 24 cities in a span of 24 hours. But apparently the clothing line is here to stay, in Sweden that is. It is not available anywhere else. At least yet?

The collection includes a bedspread, wallpaper, thermals, rain boots, a rain coat, and even a coat for your pet. Your house and wardrobe will look just like Ronald McDonald himself. I do not know if that is a good thing though. Clowns are creepy.

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If you are lucky enough to be in Sweden and have the purchasing power, the gear is all around $50.00 USD. Maybe a Sweed can hook me up?

These Trends Are Coming Back

We all like a blast from the past sometimes, especially when it comes to fashion. In fashion we are always recycling old things and making them new again. Of course you have to revamp them a little. A lot of trends from the 90s are on their way back and people are really excited about it but there are a few from just 10- 15 years ago that are making their way back as well. Here are a few to look out for.

  1. Choker necklaces: We were obsessed with them when we were little and now they are back. Even Miley Cyrus is wearing them. They may not be the same black plastic criss-crossed patterns we were used to but they still look pretty cool.
    iHeartRadio Music Festival Village
  2. Mules: Not the animal, the shoe. They are the backless heels. These were apparently made popular by Paris Hilton in 2000, and they are back. I do not know how I feel about them. It looks like you could fall right out of them!
  3. Colored hair: Not completely colored like my dear Kelly Osbourne. More like colored tips like Kylie Jenner has been sporting lately. This has kind of been popular for a while because of hair chalk coming back. Of course Kylie and Kelly have dyed their hair so if you want to experiment with color but do not want to fully commit then try the hair chalk first.
  4. Bucket Hats: I hated these things at first, but they are kind of growing on me now. I do not take them seriously but if you just need a hat to cover up a bad hair day or a hat to wear to the beach then I guess bucket hat it up! My friends are actually kind of obsessed with them. Thanks SchoolboyQ!

Whether you like it or not these 2000 trends are here… for a while.

We All Have A Little Secret…

You know what I mean. We are not the smooth skinned creatures we pretend to be. We shave our legs, we pluck our brows, we even wax ourselves to remove all of the hair on our body. Why do we do this? Why do we torture ourselves? I cannot speak for everyone but I speak for myself when I say that there is nothing like the feeling of smooth skin. I absolutely love it. And now that it is finally getting warmer out we are going to see more of it. But, the process does not have to be torture.

We can shave our legs, wax our arms, and pluck just about anything off like champions, but when it comes to our face we are a little more skeptical. First of all, never ever ever EVER shave your face. Your hair will grow back thicker. That is not a myth. However, waxing is not as bad. I’ve been told by many waxing technicians that waxing can actually help thin your hair over time. The only problem is it can sometimes leave a red mark on your face :/. You could always pluck every little hair away but that would take forever. Your next option is Nair but that can sometimes be too harsh. The only product I use on my face is Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo


This product comes with two steps. First you rub the BAUME Protection on the area you want the hair removed from. This helps hydrate the skin and prevents the red bumps you can sometimes get from waxing. Next, you put a layer of Hair Removal Cream over the spot you placed the BAUME Protection. Leave it on for no longer than 10 minutes and VOILA you have perfect, silky, hair-free skin. All for $25.00 at your local convenience store.

How to Stay Pretty FOREVER

People always used to make fun of me when I was in high school for using anti-aging products, and while I might have been jumping the gun slightly I was on to something. Studies show the more you moisturize the skin the better off you will be in the long run. Wrinkles are not necessarily a bad thing. Aging is not a bad thing, but it is also not a bad thing to want to look the best you possibly can. If we take care of our bodies now they will thank us later. Here are a few things you can do now and thank yourself later.


  1. Wear sunscreen: You should be wearing sunscreen anyway to prevent yourself from getting skin cancer, but other benefits to wearing sunscreen are that it helps keep wrinkles and age spots at bay.
  2. Drink more water: We are made up of mostly water, you have to replenish your cells. Drinking water protects your skin. It keeps us hydrated. When you are dehydrated your wrinkles are more likely to show. So keep your skin plump and drink up!
  3. Lotion: Another way to keep your skin plump is to apply lotion. They dryer our skin is the more likely you are to see wrinkles.
  4. Face Masks: Use a face mask at least once a week (or more if needed). There are plenty of face masks to choose from whether it be for hydration, acne or anything in between.
  5. Stretch more: The more you stretch the better your muscles will feel, and the better you will feel. Stretching also helps you sleep better, and the more you sleep the better you look and feel.
  6. Use an eye cream: This is what I got made fun of for A LOT, but it is true. The younger you are when you start using an eye cream the better.

For more tips check out this article from BuzzFeed.