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Everything You Need to Know About Androgynous Fashion

Androgynous fashion has been everywhere lately, but some people seem to be confused by it. What is it? Who can wear it? Where can you get it? All these questions and more can be answered right here.

First off, lets define what it means to be androgynous. To be androgynous, according to Google, means to look partly female and partly male. It is important to understand that androgynous does not = gay. It simply refers to ones appearance. There are varying levels of androgyny. It all depends on how the individual wants to represent themselves.

There are a lot of androgynous models out there, which means they model both male and female clothing. Check out Rain Dove, Elliot Sailors, or Jack Paulo.

Now, androgynous fashion has been everywhere for a long time, you just may not have noticed. Stealing your guys flannel or wearing “boyfriend jeans” is a step in the androgynous direction. It can be fun to dress like the opposite sex. This does not mean you have to be a cross dresser to wear androgynous clothing. Wearing androgynous clothing means that men and women can wear it. It is not defined by gender. Sometimes it looks more masculine, like with button up shirts, and sometimes it looks feminine like with blouses. Androgynous fashion rejects categories, and that’s the gist of it. Think “Tomboy.”

Where can you buy androgynous fashion? A lot of brands are creating men’s clothing, but for women. This means shirts that typically look male are being structured for the female body, but in a way that men can wear it. Check out Androgyny whose mission statement is, “…we’re re-engineering menswear to fit the female body; to fit those who prefer button-ups to pencil skirts.”

Sometimes, however, the best explanations are those that come visually. Check out some androgynous fashion on Tumblr!

tumblr_noveo84vcX1sqzweao1_r1_500 tumblr_noqzjx8ImM1qg2mt6o1_500 tumblr_lseka03VUF1r3hgnho1_500

Festival Appropriate Clothing!

I recently went to Soundset, a huge hip hop music festival that happens in Minnesota. A lot of big names were there including Ludacris, Big Sean, and J.Cole. My biggest concern when going to this concert was not parking or ticket prices it was “What am I going to wear?” I have to wear something comfortable, but cute and I surely don’t want to ruin any shoes! So what does festival appropriate clothing look like?

Don’t wear heels. That should be a given. These outside music festivals happen in grass and the weather never works out how we want it to so it will probably rain, Rain means mud and you will get stuck in the mud and fall if you wear heels. Same goes for wedges. I also would not opt for sandals. You WILL get stepped on! Sneakers are a good option but I wore black combat boots like these Mossimo Supply Co. boots from Target.


Since it was raining, I knew these would be the best option. Basically don’t wear anything you don’t want ruined!

Clothing wise I opted for light jeans, a cute tank top and a flannel. It was rainy and a little cold, but I didn’t want to be covered up too much and have to move in a large crowd in a big jacket. The flannel kept me warm and I still looked nice!

Check out this flannel from Forever21!


I would also suggest not wearing a dress. The wind might pick it up and you’ll be mooning the whole crowed. The same goes for skirts. Wear something that will stay close to your body like shorts or jeans. Shorts if its hot, jeans if its cold.

If you don’t have to bring a purse, then don’t. It sucks but people are awful and you don’t want to get mugged.

Happy listening :)

Closet Catastrophe

I recently moved back in with my parents for the summer and needless to say my bedroom needed a little bit of a makeover. My walls were bright yellow, all of the stuff on my walls was from high school and my parents had turned most of my room into a storage unit. I had a lot of work to do. After cleaning all the junk out I had about 5 bags of garbage. I’m talking the big lawn care garbage bags too!

My room has kind of a unique set up. I have my bedroom and then connected to my room is a smaller room with a small closet inside of it. So I just turned that room into a walk in closet. It’s pretty cool! Within that small closet I would hang my clothes on that typical white shelf with the holes in it that every closet seems to have like this:


Yeah those little bars that hold it up? They pulled out of my wall. I guess I have too many clothes! This happened at 10:30 at night by the way. Here I am just trying to organize my closet and I kid you not as soon as I added the very last piece of clothing the shelves toppled over and everything fell. I was mortified.

But, I did not let this stop my organization quest. Walmart is open 24/7 for a reason.

I got to Walmart and found this Mainstays Adjustable 2-Tier Garment Rack.


I got two of these at only $14.88 a piece. They are actually a lot bigger than the picture makes them seem and they are so easy to put together! It only took me 15 minutes for both of them. They saved my life. I stuck one of them inside my actual closet and the other one in the room that the closet is in. Honestly, I like it better like this! It makes my room feel like a store :)

Wedding Appropriate Clothes!

Summer means weddings and wedding season means new clothes! Buying an outfit for a wedding is not as simple as it seems. You obviously can’t wear white and wearing black is taboo because black is for funerals. You can’t wear something too wild because you don’t want to upstage the bride. So what’s a girl to do? Look here for some wedding appropriate clothes of course!

First things first, read the invitation!! A lot of people will specify what the dress code is on their invitation. Follow it to a T. It is rude to show up in jeans when black tie is requested, and on top of it being rude you will look out of place and probably feel embarrassed.

If the invitation states “White Tie” (which I did not know was a thing until today) that means you must look red carpet ready. “Black Tie” is formal, and anything that says “Black Tie Requested/ Preferred/ Optional” still basically means “Black Tie” and “Beach Wedding” means short, light material but still dressed up. No flip flops allowed.

Unless you are Blaire Waldorf, I don’t think you will be attending any “White Tie” weddings any time soon. So the rest of this post will be dedicated to a casual version of “Black Tie.”

This maxi floral print dress is simple but elegant. Pair it with some cute heels and you’ve got yourself the perfect evening summer wedding dress!

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 8.02.27 PM


Pair this Library in Love skirt from ModCloth….

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 8.22.02 PM

…With a soft yellow button up like this one from Nordstrom

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 8.26.54 PM

Add some red wedges for a pop of color and you’ve got yourself the perfect outfit for an outdoor wedding!

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 8.29.27 PM


Want something a little more simple? Try this Adore Me dress from the Red Dress Boutique Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 8.34.59 PM


It is made from a silky material so it looks extra dressy. Perfect for day or night! Just change up the accessories.



Contour How-To

Contouring is awesome! It is a great way to slim your face instantly. I do it almost every day. But it is tricky, the key is to BLEND BLEND BLEND! If you don’t, you will end up looking like a clown. Contouring is super intimidating at first, but with the right tools, tips and practice you will be a pro in no time! Here is a quick guide to contouring.

First and foremost, there are two ways to contour. You can either contour with powder or with liquid. Powder gives a softer look while liquid is more defined. Liquid is also great if you have problems with dry skin. Powder is sometimes harder because it does not show up as well. Ultimately the choice is yours. I like powder because it looks more natural.

Whether you choose a powder or a liquid you need two colors. One needs to be two shades darker than your skin tone and the other a shade lighter. For liquid use a flat brush or a beauty sponge and for powder use an angled brush. Use a separate brush for the light shade and the dark shade.

Here is how to apply



Apply the darker shade to all the areas where the sun would hit your face: The inside of your cheeks, the sides of your nose, the bottom of your chin, and the top of your forehead.

Next, apply the lighter shade to the bridge of your nose, the top of your chin, under your eyes, and above your brow bone.

Then, blend away! Never blend in a circular motion. This will make your makeup look blotchy and uneven. Always blend in a straight line going back.

Make sure you are doing this in the correct lighting. Natural light is the best, so if you do your makeup in the morning opt for the sun! If you are doing it at night try to avoid “mood” lighting.

For more tips look here!