Closet Catastrophe

I recently moved back in with my parents for the summer and needless to say my bedroom needed a little bit of a makeover. My walls were bright yellow, all of the stuff on my walls was from high school and my parents had turned most of my room into a storage unit. I had a lot of work to do. After cleaning all the junk out I had about 5 bags of garbage. I’m talking the big lawn care garbage bags too!

My room has kind of a unique set up. I have my bedroom and then connected to my room is a smaller room with a small closet inside of it. So I just turned that room into a walk in closet. It’s pretty cool! Within that small closet I would hang my clothes on that typical white shelf with the holes in it that every closet seems to have like this:


Yeah those little bars that hold it up? They pulled out of my wall. I guess I have too many clothes! This happened at 10:30 at night by the way. Here I am just trying to organize my closet and I kid you not as soon as I added the very last piece of clothing the shelves toppled over and everything fell. I was mortified.

But, I did not let this stop my organization quest. Walmart is open 24/7 for a reason.

I got to Walmart and found this Mainstays Adjustable 2-Tier Garment Rack.


I got two of these at only $14.88 a piece. They are actually a lot bigger than the picture makes them seem and they are so easy to put together! It only took me 15 minutes for both of them. They saved my life. I stuck one of them inside my actual closet and the other one in the room that the closet is in. Honestly, I like it better like this! It makes my room feel like a store :)

Calling All Lazy Homeowners

Or apartment owners, or anyone who generally enjoys a clean space but never has time to do anything about it. I like a clean house but at the end of the day I am too lazy to actually do anything about it. Who wants to throw out their back mopping or tire their hands by scrubbing dishes? If you are like me and struggle with the need for a clean home but lack the motivation to clean then you need these products.

  1. Cutlery Cleaner: Are you like the many college students who lack a dishwasher in their homes? Do you struggle with cleaning the massive pile of dirty dishes in your sink? Well don’t switch to paper plates just yet! Try the Cutlery Cleaner! It has a suction cup on the side that allows you to stick it on your sink and make it stay! There are bristles on each side that allow for maximum scrubbing! No more using dirty utensils or giant ladles when you are looking for a spoon to eat your cereal with! All for $7.95
    Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 3.23.21 PM

  2. Remote Control Mop: Is your floor constantly covered in crumbs? It probably is, and that is okay! You no longer have to strain your back by scrubbing dirty floors. Get the RC Sugio Mop! Sit back and relax while you control the mop and watch it do all the work for $42.00!
  3. Window Cleaning Robot: Technology saves the day yet again with this robotic window cleaner, or WINBOT. No one likes cleaning windows. In almost every TV show where people interview maids you can hear them say “I don’t do windows.” With good reason, too! We all want clean windows but who wants to spend the time reaching and scrubbing? Not me. So if I ever find myself with an extra $400.00 you can bet I’ll spend it on the WINBOT¬†548463456366369710_25b6f3ee3651

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Small Bathroom Problems

Recently I mentioned downsizing into a smaller place. I am going from a home to an apartment. I keep looking for ways to keep my place clutter free while having it still look cute. I want it to have a personality. The hardest thing about moving into a smaller place is dealing with a much smaller bathroom. I have a lot of stuff ok! So this post is dedicated to keeping your small bathroom organized. I touched on it a little in my last post, but now I am digging in hard core!

The first thing I thought of was adding shelves to my bathroom for storage. The only problem with shelves is things can get knocked off pretty easily, especially in a small space. This is why I am going to try spice racks. The difference between spice racks and shelves is that spice racks have bars across them to hold everything in. Now I do not have to worry about breaking any jars!


Every girl uses bobby pins. It is just a given. A huge problem with this is that we always lose them! A trick to keeping them all in place is to add a magnetic strip below your mirror for easy access and storage.


Another part of having a small bathroom means you have very little counter space to story things that usually belong on a counter, like tooth brushes and Q-tips. To remedy this situation try hanging up mason jars to hold your every day needs.


To keep your bathroom towels organized, try hanging up multiple towel rods on the back of your bathroom door. Its easy on the eye and great for organization.


For more small bathroom tips check out this article, 15 Life Hacks For Your Tiny Bathroom

And watch for more of my posts, I can guarantee they are coming!

Oil VS Water

People are always looking for the next big thing, especially when it comes to skin care. We all want a fast way to get rid of acne, dark circles, and wrinkles. Oil cleansing is the latest trend.

So what is oil cleansing? It is when you use oil to clean your face instead of soap and water. Simple as that. As long as the oil you choose contains antioxidants, vitamins, and anti-inflammatory properties will dissolve the pore-clogging oil found on your face.


How do you oil cleanse? First you need some oil and a wash cloth. Make sure the wash cloth is damp and hot. Put the hot, damp washcloth on your face for 20 seconds. After these 20 seconds massage your oil into your skin and let it sit for 30 seconds. Then wipe the oil off with a hot, damp washcloth.

So what kind of oil do you use? That depends on your skin type. For normal to dry skin use aragon or shea oil so you can moisturize your skin without having it look greasy. For oily skin try tea tree or peppermint oil with castor oil. The tea tree oil and the peppermint oil act as astringents soaking up your skins oil.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just use the oil in your kitchen? Oh you can! Go ahead and grab that olive oil because it will work just as well. Just do not use canola oil or vegetable oil. They do not have the same properties as olive oil.

Oil cleansing works because it cleanses your skin without over drying it. When your skin is dry it tries to remedy the dryness by creating more oil, which only clogs your pores more causing you to break out. You also may no longer need a moisturizer, that is how well oil cleansing works!

Spring Break!

Spring Break is upon us and for many that means a well deserved (or not) vacation. If you are lucky enough to travel somewhere this break chances are you are going to have to pack a bag, and if you are anything like me this means you are going to over pack! I always over pack. I try and try to downsize all I can but I always end up bringing too many things. I realize I probably do not need to bring four pairs of shoes for one weekend trip, but I like to keep my options open! Most plane companies set limits on how much your bag can weigh, though so we do need to be cautious unless we want to be overcharged! So, here are a few tips in to help you pack your bag more efficiently.


  1. Grab everything you think you need, then put half of it back. You will not wear all of those clothes! You may think you will need seven rain coats but chances are a sweater will do
  2. Roll up softer garments and fold stiffer ones. Rolling up your clothes can help save a lot of space, but you cannot roll them all.
  3. Now, put those rolled garments at the bottom of your suitcase. It is all about using your space wisely!
  4. Then place those folded garments on top! You may think throwing everything in a pile is a great way to pack but you would be wrong.
  5. Are you bringing belts? Place them around the perimeter of the bag. Now everything is packed in there tight.
  6. This last one I am not sure about, bring three shoes. Pack two and wear the other pair. Now this is probably a good idea but I need my shoes! Definitely wear a pair that you want to bring on the plane, but if you really want to sneak more you could throw some in a carry on!