Can You Really Unshrink Something?

I keep seeing this “How to Unshrink Your Clothes” article everywhere! I never paid much attention to it because I figured that one, it probably does not work, and two it is just one of the many DIY tips you hear of but never use. I mean, can you really unshrink something once you ruined it? I was never sure if you could, but today I thought I would give it a look-see.

The breakdown goes something like this:

  1. Fill a sink with lukewarm water and add a capful of baby shampoo
  2. Let them soak in the water (it helps if you work the soap through)
  3. Ring out the pants, but do not rinse
  4. Lay the clothing flat on a big towel
  5. Roll the clothing up in the towel
  6. After, get another dry towel and lay the clothing flat again
  7. This is the most important part, STRETCH THE CLOTHING. If you do not do this everything you have done up to this point is, well, pointless. Stretch it until it starts to look normal
  8. Lay the garment flat and let it AIR DRY. Definitely do not throw it in the dryer, if you do you might as well start the process over again because it is going to shrink.

This all seems simple enough, but does it actually work? According to the article referenced above, it does. Here is some proof.


But what do other people have to say?

I started to read the comment section of blogs with these tips posted and apparently it does work, on everything but wool. This tip works best for things made from cotton. So I guess if you shrink wool you are S.O.L but anything cotton can be saved! Happy Unshrinking! You no longer have to throw out your favorite clothes if they accidentally get thrown in to the dryer!

DIY Halloween Costume

Halloween is my favorite time of year. I look forward to it more than Christmas (but not as much as my birthday, obviously.) I get really in to my costumes. I go all out, but I hate spending a lot of money so that forces me to get creative. I try to use items that I already have or go to a thrift store like Goodwill or Unique for the rest.

This year I have a few costume ideas. Being in college there are multiple nights to celebrate, which means multiple costumes. The first night I want to be Catwoman, and while I could spend $99.99 on a costume… I’d rather not. I was originally inspired by an article of clothing I already own: my leather (actually, pleather is more like it) leggings from Express! Now, they are 60 bucks, but keep in mind I already own these. So, so far no money has been spent on my costume.

The main part of this costume is the cat ears. Without them, I am just a woman wearing all tight black clothing, which is pretty ambiguous. I got a simple black pair of cat ears at Halloween Express (one of those pop up shops that are only around for Halloween). They were only $7.99 and came with a tail too. I could have gotten a mask instead of ears, but then I couldn’t do fun makeup like this:

Halloween cat eye makeup
Halloween cat eye makeup

And since I already own eyeliner, again no money is spent. I did have to go out and buy false eyelashes, but those are only $3.99 at Walmart. Okay I didn’t NEED them. I wanted them so I could look more dramatic. So far this costume has only cost about 12 bucks. I just need to decide what to wear for a top. Do I go out and buy a corset or do I go with a black crop top? What do you think?

Save on Crafts Has it All For Weddings, Events and Home Decor

blog-socAs you probably know by now, I am helping a very good friend of mine plan her wedding. Between our busy, busy schedules we are having a hard time finding time to meet and get things put together. We have until August, so it’s not quite time to panic yet! And after finding this website called “Save on Crafts”, we can worry a lot less. This website has so many different decorations for weddings, events, and even the home. These are really inexpensive, so it’s really easy to stay within the budget.

I really like these birdcages and I think that she will, too. They are super cute and have a romantic look to them. I can’t wait to see what she thinks!

Hobby Lobby is a Great Place For Home Decor, Crafts, and More

blog-hobby lobbyI love being crafty and finding things to work on and make. I try to do as much as possible when it comes to home decoration (I even ventured out last year and made my own furniture out of crates!).

Because of my interest in being crafty, I love shopping at Hobby Lobby. They have so many different materials and supplies to make almost anything you could imagine. They also have some great home decor items including wall hangings, clocks, candles, lamps, and more.

Hobby Lobby is almost always running a sale, and I love that they have different things that are half off every week! If you don’t have a store near you, don’t worry! You can shop online and enjoy the amazing products by having them shipped and delivered to your front door.