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For that past two years I have lived in a quaint, decently sized home near my school campus. I have had the pleasure of living with three of my very best friends. We truly made our house a home. Now, some of us are graduating and some of us are moving to different places, but none of us are staying in our cute little home. It is bitter sweet. I am going to miss my perfect little green house secluded on the north side of campus. I do not want to see anyone else move in there. But on the bright side, new is not always bad and I will be moving into an apartment with one of my roommates now. That being said we definitely have to downsize. Going from four to two is very different. We do not need as many things and the apartment is going to be a lot smaller than our home.

So I started thinking of ways to decorate our apartment without cluttering it up and making it impossible to live in.

One thing my roommate and I agreed on was that we NEED a wine rack, but there is not a whole lot of counter space in our humble abode. If you are in the same situation try this vertical wine rack. It is $78.99!




Most small apartments, like ours, have a sink without a counter top. This makes it really hard to get ready in the morning. One thing I know I am investing in is this Hot Iron Holster. Get it while it is on sale for $19.99!



We also do not have a dishwasher in our apartment. This means we have to hand wash everything, and when you hand wash things you will have to let them dry. With very little counter space this is going to be hard. So, invest in the 3-In-1 Space Saving Corner Dish Rack


For Those of Us Who are Really Bad at Eyeliner

I don’t know what it is but no matter how hard I try I can never get my eyeliner to to go on perfectly. Obviously, perfection is not something that is easily achieved but I can barely make my eyes look like fraternal twins. I need help. So here are a few tips I found in an article from BuzzFeed.

First off you need a little history lesson in eyeliner school. There are three types of liner you can get: Pencil, Gel, and Liquid. I always knew there were different types but I never knew why these differences matter. Well here they are, pencil eyeliner is easy to use yet it does not always spread smoothly or come out as thick. Gel eyeliner is, well, gel. It glides on like a fine oil, and liquid liner works well for precision.

And in the case of eyeliner, color matters. There are a few tricks to make your eyes look bigger like adding a nude or white liner to the bottom/ water line. If you have small eyes, avoid black. Try brown instead. Then there are colors like blue and pink that you can wear if you are feeling funky. But that is a whole other subject.

So how do you put it on?

Well a common problem is that you shake and ruin the liner as you move. To remedy this try sitting down, putting your elbow on a steady surface and resting your pinky on your cheek. Seriously it works.


For gel liner, it may be best to draw some dots or dashes on and then connect them like so.


And sometimes you need to make a mess before you can have a beautiful finished product. I know a lot of people who purposely mess up their eyeliner just to fix it and I never understood why until now.


Can You Really Unshrink Something?

I keep seeing this “How to Unshrink Your Clothes” article everywhere! I never paid much attention to it because I figured that one, it probably does not work, and two it is just one of the many DIY tips you hear of but never use. I mean, can you really unshrink something once you ruined it? I was never sure if you could, but today I thought I would give it a look-see.

The breakdown goes something like this:

  1. Fill a sink with lukewarm water and add a capful of baby shampoo
  2. Let them soak in the water (it helps if you work the soap through)
  3. Ring out the pants, but do not rinse
  4. Lay the clothing flat on a big towel
  5. Roll the clothing up in the towel
  6. After, get another dry towel and lay the clothing flat again
  7. This is the most important part, STRETCH THE CLOTHING. If you do not do this everything you have done up to this point is, well, pointless. Stretch it until it starts to look normal
  8. Lay the garment flat and let it AIR DRY. Definitely do not throw it in the dryer, if you do you might as well start the process over again because it is going to shrink.

This all seems simple enough, but does it actually work? According to the article referenced above, it does. Here is some proof.


But what do other people have to say?

I started to read the comment section of blogs with these tips posted and apparently it does work, on everything but wool. This tip works best for things made from cotton. So I guess if you shrink wool you are S.O.L but anything cotton can be saved! Happy Unshrinking! You no longer have to throw out your favorite clothes if they accidentally get thrown in to the dryer!

Fashion Hacks

I love clothes, but sometimes no matter what you buy you run into problems. Tights get rips in them, jackets get sweat stains. It is all so annoying! But, the good news is you do not need to spend a fortune to remedy these mistakes. Most of the fixes can be found throughout your home.

For example, hairspray is more than just a musical starring Zac Efron, and it is much more than a way to keep your flyaway’s in check. You can use hairspray to prevent runs in tights. All you have to do is spray your tights with the stuff and voila! No more buying new tights every other week. You can also use hairspray to remove paint from jeans. I made the mistake of wearing my favorite pair of jeans while painting once but I grabbed some hairspray and an old tooth brush to remedy this mistake. Just spray the hairspray over the stain and rub with the tooth brush. Do this a few times and then wash your jeans like normal (works for all denim products).

Do you have a problem with sweating? Line your suit jackets with thin pads. I’m talking the very very thin ones. This helps absorb the unwanted perspiration. If you have already damaged your clothes with sweat stains, use a little lemon juice to lift them. And do not get me started on deodorant! How can something so helpful be so dangerous? All you have to do to remove deodorant stains is get a piece of denim and rub it on the spot. It also helps if you grab the two sides of your clothing that surround the stain and rub them together to get the stain out.


My favorite hack of all time is, if you get red wine on your outfit you can remove the stain using white wine!

For more fashion hacks check out this article from WHOWHATWEAR!

The Magic of Coconut Oil



Everyone is obsessed with coconut oil these days, and it is easy to see why. You can use coconut oil for EVERYTHING. Seriously from cooking to home beauty remedies it is the only ingredient you need in your life to be successful no matter what you are doing. I have come across many uses for coconut oil while cruising across the web, and I am going to share a few of my favorites.

  1. First off, coconut oil is so rich that it can help heal chapped lips. All you have to do is put it on over night and you will wake up with silky soft baby lips.
  2. For the same reason that coconut oil helps heal chapped lips, it also helps with dandruff. Dandruff is caused by a dry scalp. And just as your lips need nourishment so does your scalp. Just massage warm coconut oil into your scalp before you go to sleep and rinse it out in the morning.
  3. And again, another dry area that coconut oil heals are, well, your heels. I have the worst feet, especially in the winter. If you’re like me you’ll want to massage coconut oil into your feet for 10 minutes and then sleep with some cotton socks on. This will help give your feet the nourishment they crave.

I know the benefits that I have been discussing so far are all for dry skin but I promise there is more to coconut oil than moistureization.

Coconut oil is great for cooking. Because coconut oil is mostly saturated fat, it can withstand heat better than oils made mostly of polyunsaturated fat. Do not be alarmed by the words “saturated fat.” Coconut oil is the good kind of saturated fat that raises the HDL cholesterol that needs to be high.

After researching all of its benefits, it’s easy to see why people are obsessed with coconut oil.