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Stop Everything and Download This App!

Have you ever felt like listening to music but you have no idea where to start? Maybe You’re at work and you need something appropriate yet relaxing. Maybe you’re at the gym and you need some fast-paced beats to help you get through your workout. Or maybe you are having a really obscure beach rave, and your flaky Swedish DJ canceled at the last minute, and you’re thinking “What am I supposed to play now?” Relax, obscure beach rave-goers, Songza is here, and Songza is free.

Songza Mascot
Songza Mascot

And now you are probably thinking “Yeah, but like I have Pandora.. so..” So? Delete it because you will no longer be needing Pandora’s services any longer! You have Songza now.

Think of Songza as your music concierge in the form of an app. When you open it you’re greeted with a screen that says, “It’s Thursday evening, play music for…” (or whatever the day and time may be), and then it gives you several options ranging from “Brand New Music,” to “A Christmas Party,” or “Putting on Your Party Dress.”

Let’s say you pick “Brand New Music.” The next page you see gives you a list of genres such as, “Today’s R&B,” “Brand New Playlists,” or “Today’s Biggest Hits.” You are feeling classy tonight so you pick “Today’s R&B.”

Now you are presented with the finely crafted playlists. Do you want “Modern R&B Dance Party,” “Tonight’s Slow Jams” or “Today’s Club Bangers?”

But you do not have to use the concierge if you do not want to. Maybe you just want to listen to Rihanna. All you have to do is search for Rihanna and Songza will present you with a plethora of playlists that include Rihanna and other Rihanna like artists. Songza allows you to search by “Activities,” “Genres,” “Moods,” and “Decades” because Songza is perfect and knows exactly what you want in your musical life. So go download it! It’s free! It works on IOS, Android, Blackberry and your computer.

These Naartjie Baby Clothes are Adorable!

Naartjie-Girl's infant one pieceI feel like it’s a hard thing to find good baby clothes. There is definitely a market for it, as I feel like expecting mom’s and dad’s, or mom’s and dad’s with a baby already aren’t the only ones who look to buy baby clothes, but people who go to baby showers, birthday parties and to go visit in the hospital and help celebrate the arrival of baby!

I found a great selection of super cute clothes. It’s nice because these are high quality clothes without being too expensive. It’s hard to justify paying a lot of money for baby clothes when they grow so quickly and tend to make quite a mess sometimes in the clothes they wear! These super cute Naartjie baby clothes are definitely worth checking out! There are some great new fall clothes available.

Justice is an Awesome Kid’s Clothing Store

blog-justiceThere are many great clothing stores out there that have clothes just for kids. It’s so nice to see that and it makes it a lot easier to find clothes than in stores that just have a small section of the whole store dedicated to kid’s clothing an accessories.

Justice is a clothing store exclusively for girls. They have everything: shirts, sweaters, tank tops, jeans, skirts, dresses, pants, leggings, dance-wear, athletic clothing, school uniforms, swimwear, shoes, pajamas, and so much more. I love how trendy these clothes are! Kids love it.

Justice has a co-store that is all for boys. It’s called Brothers and they have just as great of a selection for kid boys.

They’re having some great sales right now for back-t0-school stuff, so check it out!

My Little Layette Baby

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 3.26.16 PMI have an obsession and her name is Lexi. Lexi is my little niece. I truly cannot get enough of her. I hang out with her more than I have out with my friends. She is really the cutest thing I have ever seen, and I totally love shopping for her. I am definitely the aunt that spoils her in every way. I love clothes myself, so of course I love buying her those adorable baby clothes that you just melt for when you see them. Lately my favorite little outfit I bought her is this Layette girl 2 outfit. It is the cutest little blue and white polka dot one piece and a little coat that goes over it. It is just the sweetest thing. I love that these newborn clothes are totally wild and crazy. Lexi’s personality is totally fun, and crazy, so I love that her new outfit matches her personality. I don’t think babies should be in boring clothes at all!

Payless ShoeSource Has it All When it Comes to Shoes

blog-shoesPayless ShoeSource is a shoe store that I stop at quite frequently. I was super excited when they announced their five day sale for the Fourth of July. For this sale, they have an online-only sale in which they have select girl’s and women’s shoes at 2 pairs for just $20. Stars and stripes flip flops at just $4.99, summer slingback sandals are half off, flip slop sandals for women are also up to 50% off. You can also qualify for free shipping if you spend $35 or more online.

This is a place that has shoes for the whole family including shoes for men, women, kids and babies. I rarely pay full price for anything here because I am a rewards member and am part of the e-mail list so I get notified when I have the opportunity to save money.