Festival Appropriate Clothing!

I recently went to Soundset, a huge hip hop music festival that happens in Minnesota. A lot of big names were there including Ludacris, Big Sean, and J.Cole. My biggest concern when going to this concert was not parking or ticket prices it was “What am I going to wear?” I have to wear something comfortable, but cute and I surely don’t want to ruin any shoes! So what does festival appropriate clothing look like?

Don’t wear heels. That should be a given. These outside music festivals happen in grass and the weather never works out how we want it to so it will probably rain, Rain means mud and you will get stuck in the mud and fall if you wear heels. Same goes for wedges. I also would not opt for sandals. You WILL get stepped on! Sneakers are a good option but I wore black combat boots like these Mossimo Supply Co. boots from Target.


Since it was raining, I knew these would be the best option. Basically don’t wear anything you don’t want ruined!

Clothing wise I opted for light jeans, a cute tank top and a flannel. It was rainy and a little cold, but I didn’t want to be covered up too much and have to move in a large crowd in a big jacket. The flannel kept me warm and I still looked nice!

Check out this flannel from Forever21!


I would also suggest not wearing a dress. The wind might pick it up and you’ll be mooning the whole crowed. The same goes for skirts. Wear something that will stay close to your body like shorts or jeans. Shorts if its hot, jeans if its cold.

If you don’t have to bring a purse, then don’t. It sucks but people are awful and you don’t want to get mugged.

Happy listening :)

The “Dress”

If you have any sort social media account then you know what “The Dress” is. It has been tearing a rift in friendships since Tumblr user Swiked posted it on February 26th. The age old question asks, is the dress blue and black or white and gold?


According to a BuzzFeed poll, 75% of users see the dress and White and Gold, while the remaining 25% hold on to the claim that they see Blue and Black.

I saw and continue to see the dress as Blue and Black, and at first I thought that anyone who sees White and Gold just wants attention.

What the heck is going on?

Apparently, it all started in Scotland a week before the wedding of Grace and Keir Johnston. The mother of the bride sent her daughter a picture of what she planned to wear. The argument started between the bride and groom, and when they posted the photo onto Facebook asking their friends to weigh in, s**t hit the fan.

Just for clarification purposes, the dress is indeed Blue and Black (TAKE THAT 75%!!!!)

But why are people seeing different colors? It has to do with how our brain decides to interpret the light coming into our eyes. Yup, it’s just an optical illusion. Do you remember seeing the Adelson optical illusion checkerboard as a kid? It is the same concept.enhanced-19524-1425006148-16

A and B are the same colors but we our brain interprets them differently.

Either way, in my opinion, the dress is ugly so who cares? I am already over the phenomenon that is “The Dress.”

Let us hope that the friendships destroyed by this dress can be mended, the marriage of Grace and Keir Johnston will be a happy one, and that the mother of the bride can get some fashion sense and stop ruining peoples lives. Thanks!

I Want My Room to Look Like an Urban Outfitters Catalog

I keep seeing posts on BuzzFeed and Facebook that say “How to make your room more cozy”, “DIY Ways to make your house feel like a home” or whatever it may be and I always get really jealous. I wish I was the interior designer that I want to be, but I am not. No matter how many “tips” I read I can never make anything look like the picture. I am the definition of a Pinterest fail. I just want my house to look like an Urban Outfitters catalog is that too much to ask!?

Even though I will never have my own HGTV show I can still dream. So here are some of my favorite things from the actual Urban Outfitters catalog.

This is a really cute take on the world map.


This Bianca Green Louis Armstrong Told Us So Art Print  map uses color and pattern to replace the usual cartographic landscape. The description says artist Bianca Green finds inspiration in travel and color. This 13X19 poster costs $26.00 and can be purchased online and in store. You can be extra hipster-y and frame it for a more polished vibe. This is definitely cooler than my cats drinking martinis poster I have above my bed.

On second thought, I think my cats are cool.


This colorful Kaleidoscope Patchwork Quilt will add a trendy, yet snuggly, touch to any room. It is just the right amount of vibrant. Bedroom or living room this cozy quilt will add just the right touch of cool

But surprise, it is reversible. If you do not want the loud pattern you can flip it over to a more cheery, flower-esque setting. A two in one starting at $149.00 for an XL Twin option and $159.00 for the Full/ Queen option. It is a cottony sensation!



Be Kind, Rewind

I think it is pretty obvious by now that I am obsessed with the 90s and it is not because I was born in ’92. Wellllll not JUST because I was born in ’92. The 90s were a very chill, effortless era that prided itself in baggy clothes and lots of unnecessary layers, but there is something chic and youthful about the 90s and it has returned for your viewing pleasure. Now that is what I call a rewind!

Of course we cannot bring back the exact same looks from the 90s, we have to revamp them somehow. InStyle Magazine laid down a few of these comeback rules on their website. Some of these 90s beauty trends to watch out for include:

  1. Berry lips
  2. Sexy tousled hair
  3. Accent braids
  4. Big blown out hair

I would also say that thick eye brows are back (thank you Brooke Shields, the queen of bushy brows, and thank you Cara Delevingne, the princess of post plucking.)


But beauty trends are not the only things that are rising from the time capsule. Chokers are everywhere now and I cannot wait to get my hands on some. Crop tops are back and they are not going anywhere (time to work on those abs) and skater dresses are blowing their way through Fashion Week. And flannel? If it is not in your closet in 30 assorted colors then I do not know what you are doing with your life. Forever21 is the hub for 90s fashion so if you are in need of some inspo just float through their website (the store gives me anxiety.)

I guess I am just an aspiring grunge college student. Time to sign up for my woman’s studies class! Whatever style trend you plan on latching on to just remember one thing, leave the over-sized Jnco jeans where they belong…. the trash.

Spring 215 Makeup Trends

Your clothes are not the only thing that can go out of style; makeup trends come and go just as often. This spring try some of these new looks to freshen up your face!


At the Fendi spring fashion show bright pops of color were all the rage, but it was not eyeliner these fashion folks used. Strips of leather, satin stickers and swipes of lipstick were used to create the effect. If you are not comfortable with gluing leather to your eyelid (which why would you be?) I would just go with a fun, bright eyeliner. I think the key to this look is to have a thin layer of black eyeliner right at the lid and add the fun color to the top. Try using Deep Blue Sea Eyeliner by MAC. The color is really fun and it is only $16.00


Another trend to be on the look out for is flaming lips. Wild lip color is very in this season. My favorites right now are Sin by MAC and Diva by MAC. Sin is a nice deep red while Diva has a more purple tint. These lipsticks are both $16.00. They are both on the darker side so they are perfect for night but if you are looking for something bright and cheery for the day try Flat Out Fabulous by MAC. It is a bright pink and very fun. I obviously really like MAC lipsticks.

I do have to say, with lipsticks less is more, and by that I mean if you are going to wear a loud lipstick do not pair it with wild eyes. Stick to one trend at a time. Bright eyeliner with bright lipstick is a no! If you want to emphasize the eyes try a nude lipstick and if you want the attention on your lips try a simple cat eye for up top.