Jewelry that Rocks!

Lately, I’ve been really into jewelry made from stones, rocks, minerals etc, and I’m not talking diamonds. Of course I would not mind a diamond, I just feel like they are such a serious stone. There are so many more options that are fun, youthful, and more importantly, cheap.

I have really been digging (get it?) agate lately, but more specifically druzy agate. What is druzy, you ask? It is when you make a mineral look like it is glittering. It makes the stone look rough and it is mostly used when making jewelry. It is also pretty cheap.

I found a lot of these stones on Etsy. Of course. So I am going to share some of my favorite options.

I love the look of this handmade white druzy free form agate pendant enclosed in gold. It is rough yet polished at the same time. More importantly, it is only $12.00.


This pretty pendant will add a simple yet hipster-ish touch to any outfit.

My favorite item so far has to be these black druzy agate studs encased in gold. I like the look of the black better than the white. These are handmade and ship from Canada. They are a little more pricy at $55.00 but they are certainly beautiful.


These earrings are made by OhKuol on Etsy. She creates a lot of druzy jewelry and of course they are all stunning. I cannot stop drooling over this Gold Black Druzy Bib necklace she made. This one happens to be $129.00 so I cannot exactly afford it at the moment but once I can I am going to snatch it up! Its a little less casual than some of her other pieces but I like it because it still has that rough appearance but you can wear it with classier clothing.



A Pinteresting Find

I have a confessions to make, I’m obsessed with Pinterest. I know, that’s so unheard of (sarcasm). I go on Pinterest for what feels like 10 minutes but in reality I’ve spent five hours looking at fashion, funny pictures, and wedding ideas for me and my non-existent fiancé. But the really great thing about Pinterest is that I am always finding little gems like this:

There's a map for that necklace
There’s a map for that necklace

It is the “There’s a Map for that Necklace” in gold. Now I may have found this beauty on Pinterest but it originates from ModCloth. ModCloth is one of the most unique clothing brands I’ve ever heard of. They have clothes inspired from almost every decade so whether you want to buy a 50s inspired dress or 70s inspired flares they will have what you are looking for.

Lets get back to the necklace. This gold world cut-out necklace is only $19.99 and it’s a unique option for any jewelry collection. I’ve never seen anything like it. This is the perfect necklace for a world traveler or for someone who hasn’t gotten their passport stamped yet and needs a little inspiration.

Necklaces like these go great with almost any outfit. Its simple enough to wear casually with a v-neck or a button up, but it could also be worn as a conversation piece with a little black dress.

Some people get tattoos of the countries they visit, but not all of us are that adventurous with body art. If you aren’t in to permanently marking your body but you still want inspiration to travel, a necklace like this will fill that void. Even if you don’t need something to make you go get on a plan across the world, it is still a cute option for your collection. It’s unique, fun and affordable!

Super Sunday Sale at Macy’s

blog-macysMacy’s is one of my favorite places to shop. They

I’m really glad I hopped online today and happened to see that they were having a one day only “Super Sunday Sale”. If I hadn’t gone on to see if they had a lamp I’ve been searching everywhere for, I never would’ve caught this! They are offering an additional 20%-50% of home goods (hopefully I find my lamp!) and 20% off a ton of other categories: select items in women’s, men’s, shoes, for the home, juniors, handbags, dining, furniture, kids, jewelry, bed and bath and so much more. There are so many to list that you really have to check it out! Hurry though, this sale will end in just 4 and a half short hours.

Use the promo code SUNDAY so get your savings applied to the online cart.



Unique Gifts for Every Occasion at Red Envelope

necklaceI love finding websites that contain a number of gifts. It’s nice to go to one site and be able to find gifts for a variety of people (kids, babies, women, men) for a variety of occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, thank-yous, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, housewarming, new baby, and so much more). I have this luck with Red Envelope. I’ve been shopping on this site for years and am always finding great new things!

This site is super convenient. The gifts are unique and not things that I regularly see in stores. They are also reasonably priced with deals from time to time. Right now, they are having a motherhood jewelry sale with 20% off of select styles. Take advantage of this if you are looking for great Mother’s Day gifts.


Have You Seen the Gorgeous Jewelry at Kay?

blog-bridal sets



I have had serious wedding fever lately. I am absolutely loving all of the “Save the Dates” and wedding invitations that are arriving in the mailbox and I’m helping to plan a wedding in August that seems to be approaching quite quickly. All of this wedding talk has sparked my interest and I took my search for the perfect ring beyond my Pinterest boards and started seriously looking online for my dream ring!

I really like the selection of rings (and jewelry in general) at Kay Jewelers. They have the most beautiful collections (Neil Lane is my favorite). I really like their bridal sets (shown above) because this takes the guesswork out of selecting a wedding band to match the engagement ring. If none of the engagement rings or bridal sets spark your interest, you also have the option of designing your own ring by choosing a setting and a center diamond.