Closet Catastrophe

I recently moved back in with my parents for the summer and needless to say my bedroom needed a little bit of a makeover. My walls were bright yellow, all of the stuff on my walls was from high school and my parents had turned most of my room into a storage unit. I had a lot of work to do. After cleaning all the junk out I had about 5 bags of garbage. I’m talking the big lawn care garbage bags too!

My room has kind of a unique set up. I have my bedroom and then connected to my room is a smaller room with a small closet inside of it. So I just turned that room into a walk in closet. It’s pretty cool! Within that small closet I would hang my clothes on that typical white shelf with the holes in it that every closet seems to have like this:


Yeah those little bars that hold it up? They pulled out of my wall. I guess I have too many clothes! This happened at 10:30 at night by the way. Here I am just trying to organize my closet and I kid you not as soon as I added the very last piece of clothing the shelves toppled over and everything fell. I was mortified.

But, I did not let this stop my organization quest. Walmart is open 24/7 for a reason.

I got to Walmart and found this Mainstays Adjustable 2-Tier Garment Rack.


I got two of these at only $14.88 a piece. They are actually a lot bigger than the picture makes them seem and they are so easy to put together! It only took me 15 minutes for both of them. They saved my life. I stuck one of them inside my actual closet and the other one in the room that the closet is in. Honestly, I like it better like this! It makes my room feel like a store :)

My Weekend: Shopping, Spring Cleaning, and Waxing in Huntington Beach

blog-spring cleaningWhat are you all up to this weekend? I can’t believe it’s already Friday! This week seemed to fly by and I’m hoping that this weekend doesn’t go by just as quickly. Now that spring has officially arrived, it seems like my schedule is filling up pretty quickly!

I have a pretty good weekend plan! It’s going to be a mixture of fun and productivity, and it’s going to start this tomorrow morning with a couple of hours of spring cleaning. Then I’m going to work out and head to CloudMover (which is the only place I’ll go for waxing in Huntington Beach). On Sunday, I’m metting up with some of my girlfriends for a day of shopping! We’ll probably grab dinner together while we’re out and about and then most likely to one of our favorite wineries for a glass (or four) of wine!


Food for Emergency Preparedness Kit on SALE!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – for sales that is. The deals I have been seeing are a shoppers dream! This is the time to stock up on essentials, especially winter essentials. I have bought so many sweaters and a few pairs of boots for 50-70% off! I always wait till this time of the year to pick up items like that.

With the ultra frigid weather we have been experiencing I have taken even more precaution. With super good deals, I had to take advantage. I bought myself a winter car emergency kit and Santa brought me food for emergency preparedness kit to stick in my car for the Winter. I am double protected! With regular temps below zero, I’m not messing around! What deals have you seen?

The Ultimate Solution to Desktop Clutter



Organizing is honestly probably one of my favorite pastimes. Is that a little bit pathetic? Yes, I suppose so. But my house looks great and it saves so much time when I’m trying to look for something, especially when I’m in a hurry!

I found this great desktop organizer and plan on getting it to really improve some of the clutter that seems to accumulate on my desk. This includes a full-size keyboard that can be used on an iPad or other tablet. There is a hidden storage area under the keyboard that can be used to hold post-its, pens, pencils, stamps, paperclips, rubberbands and more. This is also great because it’s portable, so you can take your desk with you where ever you go! If you travel a lot, this is perfect for you!