Stop Everything and Download This App!

Have you ever felt like listening to music but you have no idea where to start? Maybe You’re at work and you need something appropriate yet relaxing. Maybe you’re at the gym and you need some fast-paced beats to help you get through your workout. Or maybe you are having a really obscure beach rave, and your flaky Swedish DJ canceled at the last minute, and you’re thinking “What am I supposed to play now?” Relax, obscure beach rave-goers, Songza is here, and Songza is free.

Songza Mascot
Songza Mascot

And now you are probably thinking “Yeah, but like I have Pandora.. so..” So? Delete it because you will no longer be needing Pandora’s services any longer! You have Songza now.

Think of Songza as your music concierge in the form of an app. When you open it you’re greeted with a screen that says, “It’s Thursday evening, play music for…” (or whatever the day and time may be), and then it gives you several options ranging from “Brand New Music,” to “A Christmas Party,” or “Putting on Your Party Dress.”

Let’s say you pick “Brand New Music.” The next page you see gives you a list of genres such as, “Today’s R&B,” “Brand New Playlists,” or “Today’s Biggest Hits.” You are feeling classy tonight so you pick “Today’s R&B.”

Now you are presented with the finely crafted playlists. Do you want “Modern R&B Dance Party,” “Tonight’s Slow Jams” or “Today’s Club Bangers?”

But you do not have to use the concierge if you do not want to. Maybe you just want to listen to Rihanna. All you have to do is search for Rihanna and Songza will present you with a plethora of playlists that include Rihanna and other Rihanna like artists. Songza allows you to search by “Activities,” “Genres,” “Moods,” and “Decades” because Songza is perfect and knows exactly what you want in your musical life. So go download it! It’s free! It works on IOS, Android, Blackberry and your computer.

Uncommon Goods

Is it Christmas time already? It really snuck up on me this year. It is already the 4th and I have not even begun to decorate my house, let alone start my shopping! I am so busy that I do not know when I will have time to go to the store. And it is that exact reason why I do most of my shopping online. There is still enough time to order gifts that will come in time for the big day. I could shop Walmart online or Target but I do not want the same old thing that everyone else is getting. That is why I love the site Uncommon Goods It is exactly how it sounds: uncommon gift ideas.

The things on this site are very unique,  but also practical. You will not have someone open the gift, say “oh neat” and then never pick it up after that. These gifts will get used. If you have a whiskey lover in your life try getting them this Whiskey Wedge glass.


The reason this glass is so perfect is because not only is it chic, it is a smart idea. Putting a bunch of ice cubes in your drink will ensure that it will eventually be watered down, and we all know whiskey drinkers like to sip instead of chug. So, every last few sips are ruined by that dilution. With this glass you fill the silicon mold with water, let it freeze and VOILA you have a wedge of ice instead of a bunch of tiny ice cubes. This wedge chills your drink, and because the ice is condensed together it does not melt as fast. Another great thing about this whiskey wedge glass? It is only $14.95. This gift is great for anyone who loves a stiff drink at the end of the day!

One Holiday, Multiple Costumes

In my last post I talked about how I am going to be Catwoman for Halloween. This is true, but I also have another costume up my sleeve (paws?) Halloween may only fall on one day but there is a whole weekend dedicated to celebrating it (if you’re in college that is). The costume I am most excited about is the costume I plan on wearing on the big day, October 31. I am really proud of the thought I put into it. Like I said I go all out. I am going to be Billy the Jigsaw Puppet from the SAW franchise.

Usually, when I tell people this I either get a reaction like “Why?” or “No, don’t that’s creepy!” Let me tell you something people, Halloween is not all about trashy costumes that don’t make sense. Some of us enjoy the horror aspect of the Holiday and want to celebrate accordingly!

That being said I should say that I do plan on making it a “cute” version. Maybe people won’t be so against it when they see it all put together. My process went a little something like this:

I was on Pinterest (obviously) and I came across this photo

Billy the Jigsaw Puppet costume
Billy the Jigsaw Puppet costume

And I was instantly entranced. I love the SAW movies and this seemed like a unique idea so I wanted to go for it. I think the hardest part was finding a red bow tie for this costume. I checked Walmart and Sears and I couldn’t find anything. I actually found one in a Halloween Express store for only $9.00! Halloween Express is also where I got my white face paint and red and black face crayons for 3 bucks each. I already had a white button up and a black suit jacket so I am set! I just hope I can make my face look as good as that picture!

DIY Halloween Costume

Halloween is my favorite time of year. I look forward to it more than Christmas (but not as much as my birthday, obviously.) I get really in to my costumes. I go all out, but I hate spending a lot of money so that forces me to get creative. I try to use items that I already have or go to a thrift store like Goodwill or Unique for the rest.

This year I have a few costume ideas. Being in college there are multiple nights to celebrate, which means multiple costumes. The first night I want to be Catwoman, and while I could spend $99.99 on a costume… I’d rather not. I was originally inspired by an article of clothing I already own: my leather (actually, pleather is more like it) leggings from Express! Now, they are 60 bucks, but keep in mind I already own these. So, so far no money has been spent on my costume.

The main part of this costume is the cat ears. Without them, I am just a woman wearing all tight black clothing, which is pretty ambiguous. I got a simple black pair of cat ears at Halloween Express (one of those pop up shops that are only around for Halloween). They were only $7.99 and came with a tail too. I could have gotten a mask instead of ears, but then I couldn’t do fun makeup like this:

Halloween cat eye makeup
Halloween cat eye makeup

And since I already own eyeliner, again no money is spent. I did have to go out and buy false eyelashes, but those are only $3.99 at Walmart. Okay I didn’t NEED them. I wanted them so I could look more dramatic. So far this costume has only cost about 12 bucks. I just need to decide what to wear for a top. Do I go out and buy a corset or do I go with a black crop top? What do you think?

One Stop Shop For Body Treatments Orange County

I have a birthday party tonight and an event tomorrow so this weekend is definitely a weekend that I wanted to be looking my best. It is no fun when you are out at something important and you aren’t feeling at your best. These are the times when you really don’t want to be feeling self-conscious about your body and look. Sine I knew I had a big weekend coming up, I thought I would prepare for it by pampering myself a little bit ahead of time. I knew I wanted to get some waxing done, a facial and maybe wanted to try out a body wrap for the first time. The best thing is that I knew just the place to go to get all body treatments on Orange County done in one place. Going to a million different places is not how I want to relax. I have always gone to the Cloudmover Day Spa because I just love their service and I love that it can be a one stop shop for me. They offer everything a girl could need. I had never gotten a body wrap before, so I thought I would try it out. I was a little nervous, but I am seriously so happy I did it! It was a little weird while it was happening, but I felt so great after. You could definitely tell the difference afterward. Being able to get a quick fix like that is great for big weekends.

I actually got so many compliments and my weekend isn’t even over yet! I can’t wait to go out tonight for my friends birthday and feel totally confident! The best feeling when your out is confidence!