I Get All My Pet Supplies at Petco

blog-petcoOur dog is pretty spoiled and is a member of the family. I love her dearly and want to get her the best of the best. This is why I get her treats and supplies at Petco. They have awesome products for dogs and other animals, too! They have food, treats, leashes, beds, dishes, toys and so much more. They have plenty of supplies for other animals, too, including things for fish, cats, ferrets, birds, reptiles, and small rodents (mice, hamsters, rats, etc). They even sell some pets, too.

I find that Petco has quite a few deals and I can save a lot of money. I am on a budget, so I try to save money when I can. Right now, they have a sale where you can get $10 off and free shipping on your order of $49 or more.

Tons of Dog Halloween Costumes at Oriental Trading

blog-hot dog


Halloween is one of my favorite things during the year (besides Christmas of course). I look forward to Halloween every year and start to think about it almost right away after Christmas. I think one of the reasons why I like it so much is because it’s during my favorite season: fall. It’s the best when the weather starts to cool down a bit and the leaves start to change.

This year, I’m going to dress up my dogs for when kids come to the door to Trick or Treat. I think the kids will get a kick out of seeing dogs all dressed up and I know that my dogs won’t mind…they are pretty easy-going! I found some super cute dog Halloween costumes on the Oriental Trading website and will be placing my order soon. What costumes are your favorite?

FINALLY, Clothes for the Bigger Dogs



I have two dogs and they each weigh anywhere for 75 to 80 lbs. That’s a lot of dog! Especially when we are on a walk and it’s two dogs and one “me” and a squirrel decides to pop out of nowhere. I’m sure this looks quite entertaining from a distance!

I like my dogs to stay warm during winter (and a little bit of it has to do with a cuteness factor), but I feel like the only clothes available for dogs at the retail stores are tiny! It’s like I’m only able to dress my doggies up if they weigh less than 6 lbs, which totally isn’t fair.

I finally found a great website for dog clothing for the bigger pooches. It’s called Doggie Clothesline. They carry clothes of all sizes and super cute accessories, too!

A Fantastic Pet Dish!

I love my pets. We have two dogs and a cat and they get treated like royalty in our house! They are spoiled and we consider them members of our family. I found this amazing hanging pet dish online while looking around on Pinterest today.

I love this dish because you can hang in on the wall, and you can adjust where you hang it based on the size of your pet! This will also make it super easy to sweep and clean the floor–no more picking up and moving pet dishes around! I can’t wait to order it and I hope our pets love their new dishes!


Adorable Dog Coats!

I’m not a huge fan of freezing cold whether. My dogs are REALLY not fans of the freezing cold..even more than me! I can’t believe it. They are covered in fur and I’m not!

Amazon has some great dog coats. They have a way bigger selection than the retail stores around town. Since I can’t exactly bring my dogs inside to try on coats and sweaters, it’s just as easy to order things online. I love to see things from all different places on the internet in one place with Amazon.

I love this dog coat and am ordering it today. Hopefully it ships to my house before this cold snap leaves! My dogs are going to be so grateful. :)