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Closet Catastrophe

I recently moved back in with my parents for the summer and needless to say my bedroom needed a little bit of a makeover. My walls were bright yellow, all of the stuff on my walls was from high school and my parents had turned most of my room into a storage unit. I had a lot of work to do. After cleaning all the junk out I had about 5 bags of garbage. I’m talking the big lawn care garbage bags too!

My room has kind of a unique set up. I have my bedroom and then connected to my room is a smaller room with a small closet inside of it. So I just turned that room into a walk in closet. It’s pretty cool! Within that small closet I would hang my clothes on that typical white shelf with the holes in it that every closet seems to have like this:


Yeah those little bars that hold it up? They pulled out of my wall. I guess I have too many clothes! This happened at 10:30 at night by the way. Here I am just trying to organize my closet and I kid you not as soon as I added the very last piece of clothing the shelves toppled over and everything fell. I was mortified.

But, I did not let this stop my organization quest. Walmart is open 24/7 for a reason.

I got to Walmart and found this Mainstays Adjustable 2-Tier Garment Rack.


I got two of these at only $14.88 a piece. They are actually a lot bigger than the picture makes them seem and they are so easy to put together! It only took me 15 minutes for both of them. They saved my life. I stuck one of them inside my actual closet and the other one in the room that the closet is in. Honestly, I like it better like this! It makes my room feel like a store :)

An End to Your Summer Picnic Problems

There is nothing like eating outside in the summer. Whether it be on your deck, in the park, or at the beach food always seems to taste better in the sun. But there is one thing that can ruin your lazy day lunching, and that thing often comes in plurals: bugs. Bugs can sense when you are having a good time and they hate you so they strive to ruin it. At least, that is my theory. But a solution has finally come to light.

As I was browsing on BuzzFeed, as I often do, I came across an interesting article entitled “19 Insanely Clever Products You Need This Summer.” I read this and thought to myself, “Hey, I’d like some clever products in my life” and the first thing I saw was this Bug Blasting Blunderbuss.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 3.19.35 PM

I saw this and I was like, okay, is this one of those “fake” articles BuzzFeed does so well? As far as I can tell, its not. This bug gun is real! The Bug Blasting Blunderbuss is basically a pump-action operated squirt gun. It kills the bugs using a concoction of common table salt, so if you get it on your food it’s no big deal. You can get them out of your way without swatting them and spraying bug juice everywhere! The norma spray setting blasts up to 24 inches away while the wide range can capture bugs at 36 inches away. The bottom is flat so you can aim at unsightly bugs crawling on your tables as well as bugs flying in your bubble. The Bug Blasting Blunderbuss does its job for $49.95. You can get it at Hammacher Schlemmer, whose motto is “Offering the Best, the Only, and the Unexpected for 167 Years” which seems incredibly accurate while looking at this product!

I can’t wait to shoot some bugs down!

The Magic of Coconut Oil



Everyone is obsessed with coconut oil these days, and it is easy to see why. You can use coconut oil for EVERYTHING. Seriously from cooking to home beauty remedies it is the only ingredient you need in your life to be successful no matter what you are doing. I have come across many uses for coconut oil while cruising across the web, and I am going to share a few of my favorites.

  1. First off, coconut oil is so rich that it can help heal chapped lips. All you have to do is put it on over night and you will wake up with silky soft baby lips.
  2. For the same reason that coconut oil helps heal chapped lips, it also helps with dandruff. Dandruff is caused by a dry scalp. And just as your lips need nourishment so does your scalp. Just massage warm coconut oil into your scalp before you go to sleep and rinse it out in the morning.
  3. And again, another dry area that coconut oil heals are, well, your heels. I have the worst feet, especially in the winter. If you’re like me you’ll want to massage coconut oil into your feet for 10 minutes and then sleep with some cotton socks on. This will help give your feet the nourishment they crave.

I know the benefits that I have been discussing so far are all for dry skin but I promise there is more to coconut oil than moistureization.

Coconut oil is great for cooking. Because coconut oil is mostly saturated fat, it can withstand heat better than oils made mostly of polyunsaturated fat. Do not be alarmed by the words “saturated fat.” Coconut oil is the good kind of saturated fat that raises the HDL cholesterol that needs to be high.

After researching all of its benefits, it’s easy to see why people are obsessed with coconut oil.

Uncommon Goods

Is it Christmas time already? It really snuck up on me this year. It is already the 4th and I have not even begun to decorate my house, let alone start my shopping! I am so busy that I do not know when I will have time to go to the store. And it is that exact reason why I do most of my shopping online. There is still enough time to order gifts that will come in time for the big day. I could shop Walmart online or Target but I do not want the same old thing that everyone else is getting. That is why I love the site Uncommon Goods It is exactly how it sounds: uncommon gift ideas.

The things on this site are very unique,  but also practical. You will not have someone open the gift, say “oh neat” and then never pick it up after that. These gifts will get used. If you have a whiskey lover in your life try getting them this Whiskey Wedge glass.


The reason this glass is so perfect is because not only is it chic, it is a smart idea. Putting a bunch of ice cubes in your drink will ensure that it will eventually be watered down, and we all know whiskey drinkers like to sip instead of chug. So, every last few sips are ruined by that dilution. With this glass you fill the silicon mold with water, let it freeze and VOILA you have a wedge of ice instead of a bunch of tiny ice cubes. This wedge chills your drink, and because the ice is condensed together it does not melt as fast. Another great thing about this whiskey wedge glass? It is only $14.95. This gift is great for anyone who loves a stiff drink at the end of the day!

Living Social Deals

If you are like me then you are always looking for deals. Who wants to pay full price if they do not have to? That is why I love sites like Living Social The site is filled with good deals!

At first I was confused on how these sites like Living Social and Groupon worked. They are free to sign up but I did not understand why I had to pay money to get a coupon. But, how it works is you pay a little bit now to get a lot later. For example, in the picture below, if you spend $10.00 you receive a $20.00 credit for Boneyard Kitchen & Bar. That is a savings of 50%. So even though you’re spending money now you are getting the bigger savings later.

Living Social Deal
Living Social Deal

Sometimes they even have free coupons! You pay nothing and you still get the deal.

Now that I have explained how you save, lets talk about what you can save on! With Living Social you can buy deals on services, deals on merchandise, and even deals on vacations! I always buy massage credits on Living Social. I spend $40.00 on a $100.00 massage and I am good to go! The only money I have to spend when I get there is on the tip. But what is really awesome are the deals you can get on vacations. I just saw and 81% savings on a vacation to the Dominican Republic. You can get a $2,000 dollar trip for $375.00 for two people for four nights at the Cofresi Palm beach and Spa resort.

Usually, deals do not last forever. You only have a limited time to buy them, but once you have bought them they usually do not expire. You have to look though because every deal is different. For example, with the Dominican Republic getaway above, you have five more days to buy it.