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Black Friday Score!

Black Friday has been a very controversial topic almost since its origin. It seems each year stores open earlier and earlier invading our Thanksgiving plans. I hate that. Thanksgiving is for family, and stores that open on Thanksgiving for Black Friday are taking family time away from their employees and from their shoppers!

That is why I am proud to say I did not go shopping on Thanksgiving, I did not even wake up super early on Black Friday. I did not go shopping until 9 o’clock on Friday. I feel the world has rewarded me for staying in on Thanksgiving by giving me the gift of %60 off all coats at Macy’s

I’ve always wanted a belted coat but all of the ones I have found have either been too short or too expensive. So when I found one at the perfect length at a good price I had to jump on it! The coat I am talking about, and am now the new owner of, is the Michael Kors Asymmetrical Belted Walker Coat. I feel super fancy because it is Michael Kors and super warm because it is made out of wool! The coat come’s in six colors: Black, Ivory, Red, Medium Gray, Sapphire and Camel. I personally got the black one. It won’t get dirty easily (or at least show the dirt easily) it is chic, classic, and slims me. It also goes with everything.

Michael Kors
Michael Kors

Part of me wanted the red jacket but I knew it was too loud for me and I would never wear it. Black is more my style. I love the idea of a white jacket as well, but with my pale skin and this harsh, white, snow it would just wash me out.

I love a good deal on Black Friday!


I did not know what to write about this week. I feel like I have already used all of my favorites: Tobi, Red Dress Boutique, etc. etc. So I searched far and wide (on Google) to find a cute new shop to share.

The site I found was a little expensive the cute stuff I found ranged from $50.00 to $90.00. However, when you sign up you get 10% off and there was a 60% off sale and a buy to get one free sale on top of that. So even though they are expensive they do have a few good deals.

This site is called Mura and their in person store is located in Australia. So if you live in Australia (or New Zealand) then you can either go there or get free shipping on orders over $100.00. But if you are in the US, do not fret, they ship worldwide (just no free shipping :/)

But I think the shipping fee is totally worth it because I have already found some great pieces!

Check out this Violet Hour Dress for $89.00


I love the print, I love the colors, and I love the cut out in the middle. What I do not love is that I do not have the body for this dress! Oh well, something to aspire to I suppose.

If you are like me and are a little curvier, they do have some options

This Trojan Maxi Grey dress is perfect if you do not like things clinging onto your stomach and if you packing a little extra fluff in the chest area.


All of their clothes are perfect for the summer time, so yes it is a little sad that I had to find it now :( seeing as we, in the Mid West, are entering into the worst winter we have had in a century! But, keep it on tap for next summer.

The Red Dress Boutique

When you are in college and you live 45 minutes away from the nearest mall, you are not just always looking for a deal, but places to shop. This is where online shopping comes in handy, but the trouble is finding cute new places!

This is why I love the Red Dress Boutique. They are cute, affordable, and offer free shipping on orders of $50.00 or more.

Their style definitely country chic: they have boots and flannels down. For example look at this outfit idea featuring the Courageous Soul Vest

Courageous Soul Vest
Courageous Soul Vest

The vest is $52.00, the flannel, kindness is key tunic, is $46.00, and the boots, Nashville Awaits in Chestnut, are $52.o0 as well.

I found the Red Dress Boutique on Pinterest and I have loved it ever since. I do, however, have one complaint. That is, every time I see something REALLY CUTE it is ALWAYS sold out!! So good for them, bad for me. But the good news is they are aware that they are always sold out of their cutest items so they have the option of signing up to be notified when they get a restock in. All you have to do is click “get a restock email” and they send you a notification when it comes in.

I also really love how they pair their clothes on this site. A cute shirt is nothing if you don’t have anything to wear it with.

For example look how they pair the Twinkle and Moonlight tank in Ivory with the As We Know it skirt in Merlot.

As We Know it skirt with Twinkle Ivory Tank
As We Know it skirt with Twinkle Ivory Tank

You also get $10.00 off when you sign up for  an account! And they send you a $10.00 off birthday coupon as well. The Red Dress Boutique always has cute and stylish pieces available for every taste. Check them out, it is worth it!

Tobi- an Online Oasis

I am always looking for new places to shop whether it be online or in store. But, shopping online is so much easier (other than having to guess your size if you have never shopped there before, but that’s what measuring tape is for). A place that I have been obsessed with lately is Tobi

Tobi is an online woman’s clothing store that ships all over the world! Their clothes are cute, trendy, youthful and reasonably priced. They have a little bit of everything from dresses, tops, bottoms, outerwear, swim, shoes, accessories, and intimates.

The number one thing to love about Tobi is that if you are a new costumer you get 50% off of your first order. What an awesome way to welcome people to your site! Tobi is always offering great deals though, new arrivals are always 30% off! They are so generous.

I also love how they pair their clothing. For example this picture gives the buyer an idea of what to wear with their “Hey There Sexy Skirt.” Normally, I would think crop top, but why not a big, loose, sweater?

Tobi "Hey There Sexy Skirt"
Tobi “Hey There Sexy Skirt”

Tobi is definitely a place for younger girls to shop- I would say college age. Tobi does not charge for shipping, you can return for free, and there is no minimum requirement for an order. This site is perfect if you hate getting bombarded with extra fees (obviously they still tax.) There is really nothing on this site over 100 bucks, and they have new deals every day. I remember one time I was browsing the site and the owner decided to offer 50% off everyone’s order that day because she was getting married. How Sweet! Not only do they have cute clothes, they make you feel like you are a part of their family. So, uh can I get that family discount?

Flannel: It’s Not Just for Lumberjacks

Over the years flannel has cemented itself as a fall staple. Whether it’s fitted, flowy, in the form of a scarf, or a skirt I am confident in saying that there is at least one flannel item in your wardrobe. And if for some odd reason you do not own a flannel item GO OUT AND GET ONE! Buying a flannel is like buying endless fashion possibilities.

Flannel is one of my favorite transition items. When we think of flannel we tend to think of fall but it also works great in the winter, spring, and summer. In the winter you can use a fitted flannel shirt to make a puffy vest chic. You can wear a flannel scarf in the spring to help you ease back into the warm weather. And in the summer a flowy flannel can protect you from mosquitoes during a late night stroll.

Great example of a crop top paired with a loose fitting flannel (No this is not me. HA I wish.)
Great example of a crop top paired with a loose fitting flannel (No this is not me. HA I wish.)

I tend to gravitate towards the more loose fitting flannels because I like to wear them over crop tops. Wearing a flowy flannel with a crop top makes me feel like I am revealing less so I feel more comfortable showing off my stomach. I usually buy men’s flannels if I am going to do this because they are structured differently than women’s flannels. Women’s flannels tend to mimic the shape of a woman’s body and are therefore more structured. You could try buying a bigger size in a woman’s flannel but I can almost guarantee that you will just look like your drowning. Men’s flannels on the other hand are boxier. Boxy = flowy.

I always go to Ragstock to get my flannels. They’re cheap, warm and reliable. Ragstock always has a wide selection of flannels so you know you will find one that works for you!