Save on Crafts Has it All For Weddings, Events and Home Decor

blog-socAs you probably know by now, I am helping a very good friend of mine plan her wedding. Between our busy, busy schedules we are having a hard time finding time to meet and get things put together. We have until August, so it’s not quite time to panic yet! And after finding this website called “Save on Crafts”, we can worry a lot less. This website has so many different decorations for weddings, events, and even the home. These are really inexpensive, so it’s really easy to stay within the budget.

I really like these birdcages and I think that she will, too. They are super cute and have a romantic look to them. I can’t wait to see what she thinks!

I Love the Idea of Personalized M & M’s!

blog-mmsM & M’s are the ultimate traditional chocolate candy. Bite sized milk chocolate covered with a colored chocolate shell, these aren’t just good alone. I love M & M’s on my ice cream and baked in cookies, too!

I had a friend that recently had a baby. She received a gift that I have never seen before: personalized M & M’s! I thought this was great and instantly went online to do some searching. This M & M’s website allows you to personalize candies for a number of occasions: birthdays, weddings, new babies, graduation, anniversary and so much more. They make great gifts of party favors. You can do words or even a picture! If you don’t know where to start, check out the idea gallery for some inspiration.

If you’re a member of Groupon, make sure to check it out because they have a deal running right now for this site! It will save you money. :)


Have You Seen the Gorgeous Jewelry at Kay?

blog-bridal sets



I have had serious wedding fever lately. I am absolutely loving all of the “Save the Dates” and wedding invitations that are arriving in the mailbox and I’m helping to plan a wedding in August that seems to be approaching quite quickly. All of this wedding talk has sparked my interest and I took my search for the perfect ring beyond my Pinterest boards and started seriously looking online for my dream ring!

I really like the selection of rings (and jewelry in general) at Kay Jewelers. They have the most beautiful collections (Neil Lane is my favorite). I really like their bridal sets (shown above) because this takes the guesswork out of selecting a wedding band to match the engagement ring. If none of the engagement rings or bridal sets spark your interest, you also have the option of designing your own ring by choosing a setting and a center diamond.

Loving These Fall Wedding Products on Etsy

blog-fall wedding


I go on Etsy for a lot of things. With Christmas coming up just around the corner, I’ve been visiting a lot more frequently as they have stuff for the entire family! I like buying from private sellers too rather than from a big manufacturer.

With the couple of fall weddings we have attended this season, it’s given me wedding fever of my own! I decided to browse Etsy for something that I didn’t know they had: wedding products! They have invitations, decor for the reception and ceremony, jewelry, programs, cake toppers, hair accessories, gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, veils, guest books and so much more. It’s a one stop shop for all things wedding and a majority of the things are homemade and unique!



Ordering Wedding Favors Online: Can Coolers



I’ve been to a ton of wedding this summer. At one point, our entire fridge seemed like it was filled with wedding invitations! I’ve seen my fair share of wedding favors and I’ve had my favorites and ones that I didn’t think were so great. I do know that the couple spends time and money on their favors, so I definitely appreciate them!

When I get married, I want to order can coolers that are customized. I think these are super cute and funny! I know that the guests will enjoy them, too. They are available in a ton of different colors with all sorts of different font colors. You can even upload your own artwork to be put on the can cooler! I think this is fantastic because I love customization, so this really takes it to a whole new level.

What are your favorite wedding favors?