Everything You Need to Know About Androgynous Fashion

Androgynous fashion has been everywhere lately, but some people seem to be confused by it. What is it? Who can wear it? Where can you get it? All these questions and more can be answered right here.

First off, lets define what it means to be androgynous. To be androgynous, according to Google, means to look partly female and partly male. It is important to understand that androgynous does not = gay. It simply refers to ones appearance. There are varying levels of androgyny. It all depends on how the individual wants to represent themselves.

There are a lot of androgynous models out there, which means they model both male and female clothing. Check out Rain Dove, Elliot Sailors, or Jack Paulo.

Now, androgynous fashion has been everywhere for a long time, you just may not have noticed. Stealing your guys flannel or wearing “boyfriend jeans” is a step in the androgynous direction. It can be fun to dress like the opposite sex. This does not mean you have to be a cross dresser to wear androgynous clothing. Wearing androgynous clothing means that men and women can wear it. It is not defined by gender. Sometimes it looks more masculine, like with button up shirts, and sometimes it looks feminine like with blouses. Androgynous fashion rejects categories, and that’s the gist of it. Think “Tomboy.”

Where can you buy androgynous fashion? A lot of brands are creating men’s clothing, but for women. This means shirts that typically look male are being structured for the female body, but in a way that men can wear it. Check out Androgyny¬†whose mission statement is, “…we’re re-engineering menswear to fit the female body; to fit those who prefer button-ups to pencil skirts.”

Sometimes, however, the best explanations are those that come visually. Check out some androgynous fashion on Tumblr!

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