GHD: A New Kind of Drug

No not really “drugs” but these GHD flat irons are addicting. I was at the hair salon the other day getting my hair cut and styled and my stylist used a GHD flat iron and it really did make a difference. She even curled my hair with this flat iron giving me beachy waves.

So why are these GHD flat irons so amazing? First of all they are ceramic. Always straighten your hair with a ceramic flat iron because ceramic plates straighten hair evenly and fast from the inside out but flat irons that are not ceramic heat the hair slowly and from the outside in causing moisture to penetrate your strands and cause damage.

So now that we know these GHD flat irons are ceramic, and we want ceramic, what else makes them so great?



Marie Claire named GHD flat irons as “stand-out brand when it comes to transforming waves and curls into poker-straight strands.” The GHD Eclipse Flat Iron is “the only hair straightener on the market to use tri-zone technology – six sensors in the iron plates that ensure a constant heat is maintained – to tackle any hair type quickly and easily.”

These flat irons are a HOT (lol) commodity right now and everyone is using them. The only down side is that they cost A LOT of money. The cheapest one I found was about $135.00 and they went up to about $250.00 That sure is a pretty penny. But, you get what you pay for!

However, I will share a secret with you that my stylist told me. Do you have a Marshall’s in your town or close by? Well they tend to get their hands on these flat irons from time to time and sell them at a discounted price! Every Marshall’s is different and gets different products for discount so check out every Marshall’s you can until you find a GHD flat iron!

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