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Whether you live in a house, an apartment, or your parents basement we are all looking for ways to save space. There never seems to be enough of it. The fridge is always full (hopefully), your desk is always cluttered, and your closet? You cannot even get a foot in it! I am always looking for ways to save space and make my life easier in the process. Here are a few products I am currently obsessed with to remedy this issue.



Are you a beer connoisseur? Is your fridge in a constant state of stocked? So stocked that you barely have room for your food? Well then you need these magnetic bottle holders, or the Bottleloft, as it is appropriately named. The Bottleloft is a series of magnetic strips that you hang on the ceiling of your fridge. The strips are strong enough to hold even the fullest bottle of beer. This clears up more shelf space for the important things like dip and other party essentials! Get the Bottleloft for $38.00.

But wait there’s more!


Are you constantly bombarded with business cards? Your dentist, your lawyer, even your kids babysitter has one! Where do you put all of them?! All they do is cause clutter. Well not anymore! With the Mini Filing Cabinet you can store your business cards, and other small important pieces of paper, safely. Get the Mini Filing Cabinet for $30.00.

And some more yet!


Are you like the average American and have at least five different remotes but only use one? You do not know what the other four remotes are for but you dare not throw them away, just in case! Well then you need the Remote Control Organizer. It has four slots for all of your useless remotes! And for only $9.99 it is a steal!

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