Small Bathroom Problems

Recently I mentioned downsizing into a smaller place. I am going from a home to an apartment. I keep looking for ways to keep my place clutter free while having it still look cute. I want it to have a personality. The hardest thing about moving into a smaller place is dealing with a much smaller bathroom. I have a lot of stuff ok! So this post is dedicated to keeping your small bathroom organized. I touched on it a little in my last post, but now I am digging in hard core!

The first thing I thought of was adding shelves to my bathroom for storage. The only problem with shelves is things can get knocked off pretty easily, especially in a small space. This is why I am going to try spice racks. The difference between spice racks and shelves is that spice racks have bars across them to hold everything in. Now I do not have to worry about breaking any jars!


Every girl uses bobby pins. It is just a given. A huge problem with this is that we always lose them! A trick to keeping them all in place is to add a magnetic strip below your mirror for easy access and storage.


Another part of having a small bathroom means you have very little counter space to story things that usually belong on a counter, like tooth brushes and Q-tips. To remedy this situation try hanging up mason jars to hold your every day needs.


To keep your bathroom towels organized, try hanging up multiple towel rods on the back of your bathroom door. Its easy on the eye and great for organization.


For more small bathroom tips check out this article, 15 Life Hacks For Your Tiny Bathroom

And watch for more of my posts, I can guarantee they are coming!

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