Why Are Serums So Popular?

Serums seem to be the latest craze in the skincare world, but what is a serum and why is it so cool? Serums are different than moisturizers. A moisturizer will just sit on top of the skin. Basically the molecules that make up the moisturizers are too big to actually penetrate the skin. This doesn’t mean moisturizers don’t work. They definitely do, but serums have the advantage of actually penetrating your skin and going deeper. Moisturizers are a temporary fix while serums can actually have long-term effects. This is because the molecules that make up the serums are smaller and serums are composed of oils.

Now that we know serums aren’t B.S. we can talk about the different kinds of serums. There are a lot of them. Some help with sun spots, some help with aging, some brighten the skin and others help with acne. Picking the right serum depends on knowing what your skin concerns are! figure out what bothers you about your skin and go from there.


The latest serum that I am obsessed with is the Visionnaire serum from Lancôme. It’s a skin corrector. It is going to help with the texture of your skin. If wrinkles, pores, and scaring from acne are your concern than this is the serum for you. Because it is a serum, you will see results instantly. On top of seeing improvements right away it will also help repair those wrinkles, pores, and texture problems over time.

With one application skin will feel soft and smooth, after three days your pores will be less visible and after 4 weeks you will see some major improvements.

There are three size options: 1.0 oz ($79.00), 1.7 oz ($115.00), and a 2.5 oz ($145.00). It is expensive when you look at the price but a little application goes a long way. Serums are spreadable so it will last!

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